Stage Transportieren


Cost and energy efficiency plus process reliability: These are the main requirements when it comes to transport in the Intralogistics 4.0. era This necessitates tailored solutions for intelligently controlled, optimum movement of goods, ranging from manual trucks to automated guided vehicles.

Driverless transport in Industry 4.0

Automated and networked intralogistics solutions, such as automated guided vehicle systems (AGV-S) and intelligent software, are playing an increasingly important role in the world of Industry 4.0. As one of the market leaders in this area, we at Jungheinrich have developed perfect solutions to optimise your transport and internal flow of goods. When it comes to transporting and moving your goods, an AGV-S delivers a number of benefits. Most importantly, it offers maximum efficiency in terms of time and energy, while also ensuring reliability and process stability.

Classic transport solutions to suit all requirements

As well as automated transport solutions, Jungheinrich also offers a comprehensive range of individual solutions for traditional, manual transport. Are you looking for a product that combines powerful performance with high cost-effectiveness and maximum manoeuvrability? Then why not take a look at our counterbalance forklift trucks: small and compact in the case of our electric forklift trucks, cost-saving thanks to low consumption and powerful in the case of our Jungheinrich LPG and diesel forklift trucks. Our forklift trucks represent the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor applications, with capacities ranging from one to nine tons. A wide range of pallet trucks and tow tractors complete our perfect selection of transport solutions.

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