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Case studies

Customer project studies & success stories

Regardless of whether you are a global player, a medium-sized or even a small operation – we provide you with intelligent, tailored intralogistics solutions from a single source. As you will see from our case studies, every unique project we undertake has the same core value at its heart: the satisfaction of our customers.

We help you to boost your profits and future-proof your business and understand that no two warehouse setups are the same. Every customer has their own individual requirements, so we tailor our products, including forklift trucks, logistics systems, services and e-commerce consulting, to your individual needs and exacting standards.

In our references, you will find a range of success stories spanning a number of different sectors. We hope you will join us and discover your own future intralogistics solution in the studies below.

Together we can achieve anything

Electronics is booming: With a new semi-automatic narrow-aisle warehouse and the Jungheinrich WMS Series 2, the market-leading cable manufacturer PSZ electronic from the Upper Palatinate is continuing its dynamic growth.

A future-proof investment

In its new central warehouse, Shanghai-based logistics service provider Zhongwei Packing is relying solely on our forklift trucks. They are manufactured in our Chinese plant and equipped with highly energy-efficient 3-phase AC technology.

Strong fleet for efficient material flows

The 20-hectare logistics centre owned by pfenning logistics GmbH of Heddesheim relies on our fork lift trucks. The impressive fleet of 88 fork lift trucks is extremely efficient thanks to energy recovery.

Partial automation of narrow-aisle warehouse

In order to remain capable of dispatching on time, winkler Logistik invested in a new narrow-aisle warehouse with an additional feature:  a partially automated solution for warehouse navigation and vehicle control.

Excellent performance in very confined spaces

The Austrian Steinbach Group is a wholesaler in the swimming pool sector, facing huge challenges as a result of expansion: An automatic logistics system had to be designed for quick availability.

Efficient warehouse navigation

A narrow-aisle warehouse with warehouse navigation via WMS and connected forklift trucks increases process and work security at Streng Plastic AG whilst ensuring a high level of quality and productivity.

Process optimisation at the market leader in paint

Synthesa Chemie is the market leader for manufacturing paints in Austria, and has served its clients for over 70 years. Our Warehouse Management System ensured optimisation across the whole Company.

Automatic pallet warehouse for TAB

The Slovenian company wanted to create larger storage capacities to increase production volumes. The optimal solution included a complete logistics system, comprising racking system, handling and control technology as well as software and IT for the warehouse.

Driverless fork lift moves material on its own

ThyssenKrupp has automated internal transport of rail parts for stair lifts with an automated guided vehicle system from Jungheinrich. Optimum flexibility and minimum space requirements were the key factors which led to this choice.

Cooling, storing and delivering efficiently

"No experiments" is the motto of the Russian logistics services provider Universal Services on awarding contracts, particularly with regard to storing frozen meat. Result: A compact cold store truck - no experiments, but a lot of expertise.

Expansion of the warehouse capacities

The innovative plastics from Dutch manufacturer VDL Wientjes Emmen B.V. are in demand. With our warehouse technology and logistics software, they increased their warehouse capacities and successfully optimised logistics processes.

Moscow's largest logistics centre

The development of the Victorya logistics centre is not yet complete. As a result of this excellent co-operation, the company is seeking further collaboration in the future.

An attractive offer for high season

The Italian co-operative Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo (VCR) grafts 50 million vines per year and supplies wineries all over the world. They handle peaks with a rental fleet.

Safe processes, simple integration

The Bielefeld-based logistics company Wahl & Co chose our expertise when constructing a new high bay warehouse. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our forklift trucks and the ease of integration into an existing IT System.

Process optimisation with WMS

Material and information flows can be created with our complete intralogistics solution quickly and efficiently. At WARIMEX it is set up for a daily throughput of approximately 130 pallets and 8,000 mail packages.

Flexible loading and unloading

With the ERE 225 electric pedestrian pallet truck, Logistik Center NUSS GmbH is benefiting from enhanced flexibility and greater throughput performance. Thanks to the truck's intuitive operation and ergonomic workplace, the company's employees can work in a fatigue-free manner.

One warehouse, 600 tons of steel racks

Migros Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG operates a state-of-the-art non-food warehouse for order picking and replenishment. It supplies the entire Migros Group. Our pallet racks and fork lift trucks are the core of this warehouse.

Safe transport on any terrain

Driving over the grounds of Natursteinwerk Borst in Kirchheim is like taking part in an off-road rally. Yet our DFG 425 diesel forklift truck covers the terrain with utmost speed and safety – regardless of the weather.

Greater fleet transparency with ISM Online

Shipper Noerpel uses our ISM Online fleet management system to oversee its rental fleet of around 200 industrial trucks. It thus benefits from a clear overview of its fleet at all times. This results in fewer repairs, improved utilisation and lower costs.

An investment in ergonomics

The Rhineland kitchen manufacturer Nolte Küchen has invested in a vertical order picker and a narrow-aisle warehouse. The result: ergonomic reach heights and order picking of unit fronts that takes care of the products.

Operating costs saved, emissions lowered

Since the PAVATEX group in Switzerland started using LPG fork lift trucks in their main facility, annual operating costs have fallen by around 50 percent. However, this switch does not just have a business aspect.

Perfect processes in the warehouse

At Pilatus, the beverage market means much more than boxes and cartons. The Swiss company dispatches hundreds of pallets per day. Private clients such as caterers rely on the logistics. Our fork lift trucks impressed.

Ecologically conceived warehouse

Environmental protection is important to the Swiss company - from selecting natural ingredients to production to logistics. The central warehouse is built using clay. Processes are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Service provider Rudolph Logistik

Rudolph Logistik implements comprehensive logistics solutions in various industries. Processes were optimised due to the use of our automated guided vehicle systems.

Double deck pallet high bay warehouse for Sauer

A pleasing starting point for investment in the intralogistics system was the positive part played by the operator and corresponding expansion of the required Equipment.

Digitalisation of the manual warehouse at Gasser

The warehouse processes at Gasser GmbH, an Austrian service provider within the metal-processing sector, run like clockwork – thanks to our WMS.

Forklift trucks are setting the pace

Beverage wholesaler Gross + Klein in the German state of Saarland uses a mixture of LPG, diesel and electric trucks to ensure quick and safe handling of 6000 pallets per day – a mammoth undertaking.

Tri-lateral stackers

Warehouse navigation has made its way into the Hensel warehouse for finished parts and components, resulting in a "game-changing" solution. The narrow-aisle trucks now find their destinations automatically and expend less time and energy in reaching the storage Locations.

Tailored automation solution for HERO

The bespoke automatic solution with an automated guided vehicle system ensures greater productivity and safety in the warehouse. Staff are impressed by not having to do so many routine activities.

All processes from goods receipt to dispatch

Hydrauflex was seeking new warehouse management software for the efficient management of more than 20,000 stock items. The different part sizes meant that the complete intralogistics solution proved to be a complex task.

VNA Warehouse Navigation

Despite the lack of space and specific performance requirements, the capacity and throughput of the 24-aisle warehouse with 25,000 storage locations was optimised. How? By completely re-organising the warehouse and order picking areas.

Keller & Kalmbach

Keller & Kalmbach is one of the leading service providers in C-parts management. We constructed and expanded the central warehouse in Hilpoltstein for the Munich-based Company.

Targeted warehouse navigation

A new narrow-aisle warehouse forms the heart of a holistic, space-saving solution, offering short response times and maximising fault-free operation. This enables Komus to deliver ordered goods the next day.

Established technology re-imagined

Since an in-house design created by Kässbohrer was unable to transport heavy PistenBully vehicles, we created a special build based on the Series 3 reach truck.

Lagerhäuser Aarau AG: Everything from one source!

No ordinary high-bay warehouse: Automatic operation with six order-picking aisles right inside the high-bay warehouse, redundant handling system and stacker cranes capable of adapting their performance.

Instantly available across Germany

Swabian company Liebl Kranbau GmbH assembles crane systems across Germany. Despite the extremely varied client orders, Jungheinrich always has the appropriate rental trucks for our use.

100 percent availability

The LPG forklift trucks and their drivers are permanently at work at logistics service provider Cretschmar's Wuppertal site. The trucks are therefore extremely powerful and comfortable.

Optimal performance in power-saving mode

Concrete products are not for lightweights. The fork lift trucks must be both powerful and robust to transport them. Our electric EFG 550 four-wheel fork lift truck fits the bill.

Lowered costs and risks of accidents

Due to our ISM Online fleet management system, DS Smith has 65 percent fewer cases of damage and was able to drastically reduce repair costs for its trucks as a result. At the same time, staff benefit from greater safety.

Greater efficiency due to compact storage systems

There was no more space available for the 25 million kilograms of breadcrumbs produced every year by Dutch company ECS Paneermeel. We were able to provide the necessary storage space and also improve efficiency with a multi-depth storage system.

Fully automatic central warehouse

The fully automated small parts warehouse and high bay warehouse along with our plant control system and warehouse management system work together perfectly to optimise logistics processes and reduce operating costs.


As a general contractor for holistic logistics solutions, we’ve planned and constructed our own excellent spare parts centre. This means our original spare parts reach anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time.

System partnership for greater efficiency

Since 2002 around 400 of our fork lift trucks ensure efficient logistics processes at Feldschlösschen. The brewery renewed the systems partnership with us.

Making lost luggage a thing of the past

Some ten million suitcases, bags and other pieces of luggage pass through Hamburg Airport every year. Ably assisted by four of our industrial trucks, GROUNDSTARS staff ensure that all baggage reaches its intended destination. Read more about the invisible helpers

Plastics supplier Coko

The mid-sized plastics supplier Coko reflects its reputation with the slogan “We shape your products”. The decision to install our high bay warehouse system resulted in increased efficiency and process optimisation.

AVO, the spice specialist

Taste and technology are the secrets to the success of AVO, the spice specialist. The company has invested in our automated guided vehicle system with the objective of being able to guarantee increasing flexibility, efficiency and superior Service.

Adriaan Goede B.V. improves efficiency

As the supply of eggs fluctuates depending on season, egg products at Adriaan Goede B.V. have to be stored. Our warehouse equipment ensures reliability of supply.

Complete solution for the Arla Foods warehouse

Arla Foods is one of the largest dairy co-operatives in the world. A compact storage system in this Danish warehouse in Holstebro, ensures that all available space is used efficiently.

State-of-the-art material and goods flow

Bataillard AG, based in Rothenburg, Switzerland, is one of the largest wine merchants in the country based on turnover. For more than 20 years this traditional company has put its trust in our products and services with regards to intralogistics.

Earthquake-proof and efficient

Birner is the largest dealer of vehicle spare parts in Austria. A distribution warehouse was part of a new logistics strategy. It just happens to lie in earthquake zone 4. We provided an impressive, modern concept. Nothing can shake the warehouse any more.

Invaluable production assistance

Equipped with curveCONTROL, speedCONTROL and jetPILOT steering wheels, the EZS C40 tow tractors are right at home at the Salzgitter plant of Robert Bosch Elektronik GmbH, where they rapidly and effectively supply all assembly stations according to the milk run concept.

New purchased parts warehouse in old building

Thanks to a tailored solution for its warehouse conversion project, the company now has maximum flexibility to respond to further changes in its parts range, despite the limited space of its warehouse.

Rack system with UPC for A.S. Watson

A. S. Watson Health & Beauty Benelux, which is active in the health and cosmetics sector, has one of the most modern distribution centres in the world. Up to four million packages can be processed here every week.

Dynamic management operating around the clock

We realised a distribution centre for the renowned detergent producer Henkel in Russia during the depths of winter. The solution is based on our Warehouse Management System, it shortens delivery routes, and saves on CO2 in the process.

Warehouse conversion at Adolf Grüninger AG

We took just six months to convert an existing warehouse into a modern and future-oriented central warehouse for Switzerland's biggest producer of margarine and fat, Adolf Grüninger AG.

Switzerland's tallest high-bay warehouse

The new high bay warehouse reaches 44 metres into the sky over Domat/Ems. This means the chemical company operates the highest building of its type in Switzerland. Our team is the service partner and erected the site in record time.

Delivering on time despite strong demand

During seasonal peaks, the logistics company Logi-K’s fork lift truck fleet is often insufficient. More trucks were obtained in order to maintain delivery quality. We help out Logi-K with rental trucks in a quick, service-orientated manner.

Intralogistics solution for 13,000 pallets

The Swiss company Lyreco has several thousand articles in its product range as a provider of office materials and workplace solutions. Warehouse automation was correspondingly complex.

Bespoke solution optimises intralogistics

Agile fork lift trucks with warehouse navigation and an in-house warehouse management system ensure efficiency and safety in the new bau-for-mat narrow-aisle warehouse. As all components are from a single source, they work perfectly together.

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