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Used Forklifts

The Final Word in Used Forklift Trucks

JUNGSTARS from Jungheinrich

At Jungheinrich our used forklifts really are all-star, so much so we named them accordingly. JUNGSTARS is the name we give to these immaculately refurbished used forklift trucks. The attention to detail lavished on every JUNGSTARS vehicle really sets them apart as some of the very best examples available on the market.

Jungstars Engineer Dreseden

Our high-end refurbishment process delivers a five-star principle guarantee: Each and every truck is restored to perfect condition, both technically and visually to the very highest standard of safety and sustainability. 

We are so convinced of the quality and performance of our JUNGSTARS, that every single vehicle is remanufactured and delivered with exactly the same 12-month warranty as a brand-new Jungheinrich forklift truck.

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The customer benefits of JUNGSTARS forklifts

Our 5-Star Principle
A JUNGSTAR used forklift leaving our refurbishment centre in Dresden is certified in the truest sense of the word: It fulfills the high demands of our 5-star quality standards. 5 stars that determine every single step of our refurbishment process; 5 stars you can rely on.

Point 1: Safety
Every used forklift under the JUNGSTAR banner is certified to the latest standards of appropriate safety regulations and EU edicts.

Point 2: Technology
Our systematic refurbishment program leaves no detail to chance, our engineers ensure that every technical component of the used truck functions as intended, allowing it to operate at full capacity. 

Point 3: Appearance
After meticulously cleaning and repainting the truck and their various components, even experts have difficulty distinguishing our JUNGSTARS from brand-new forklift trucks. Come to one of our Forkcourts to see for yourself.

Point 4: Reliability
We are the only company in the materials handling industry that operates this comprehensive refurbishment service. Our specially trained engineers completely disassemble each vehicle and exchange or refurbish every technical, mechanical and hydraulic component. This gives you the peace of mind that when you buy a used forklift from Jungheinrich you avoid the potential dropouts and follow-up costs that you may associate with other second hand MHE providers.

Point 5: Sustainability
Our refurbishment of used vehicles reduces consumption of resources and energy significantly. Compared to the production of a brand-new truck 80 percent of CO2 is saved. Moreover, we guarantee the professional and environmentally-friendly disposal of operating fluids and unsalvageable vehicles.

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Benefits at a glance:

12 months truck warranty*
12 months battery warranty*
12 months maintenance-free*
New safety check (valid for 12 months)
10 days return policy*
Full service option
Mobility guarantee as part of a full service contract
Attractive financing options
Trade-in of your used truck

* 12 months warranty up to 1,200 operating hours.  / 12 months battery warranty up to 1,200 operating hours in one-shift operations. Country-specific warranty conditions apply. / 12 months maintenance-free operation up to 1,000 operating hours. Adherence to maintenance interval according to the operating instructions is required. / 10 days return policy from date of the truck’s delivery for standard trucks. Return of the truck in reasonable condition. Return transport occurs at the expense of the buyer.

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Monthly UK Stocklist

Used trucks that are, quite literally, as good as new! Every JUNGSTARS truck has been meticulously refurbed by our specialist engineers based in Dresden and is supplied with the same warranty as a new vehicle.

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Perfection in every detail

All our used forklift trucks are processed with a standardized 6-step refurbishment concept in order to become JUNGSTARS in premium quality.

Jungheinrich JUNGSTARS

With the purchase of a JUNGSTAR you benefit from economic, technical and ecological advantages as well as from a variety of services only provided by Jungheinrich.

More of everything

Thanks to the unique industrial refurbishment process at one of Europe’s most modern refurbishment centers, our remanufactured trucks not only rank among the very best used trucks – they become “as-good-as-new trucks” with the industry’s best benefit-cost ratio and 12 months warranty.

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You just found a used truck, all clean and shiny, which perfectly fits your needs with a price that seems just right – a real bargain. But is it really?

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