Stage Automatische Lagersysteme

Automated storage and retrieval systems

Greater performance and flexibility for the future

Short order cycles, smaller lot sizes, quicker delivery times: In the face of ever increasing market requirements, automated warehouses provide an effective solution. Your benefits: greater throughput, more speed and safety in your material flow and simple operation of different load carriers.

Automate your logistical success

With automated warehouses or automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), you can remain competitive in this era of digitalisation. The markets are placing ever greater demands on companies with regard to the speed and flexibility of material flows, while order quantities are getting smaller and order cycles ever shorter. As a result, partial or full automation of warehouse systems and materials handling technology is becoming more and more important in the world of logistics. Automation allows you to adapt the process landscape to your requirements and helps you to optimise the movement of goods in many logistical areas. An automated warehouse is particularly useful for routine tasks, which can be completed with the utmost simplicity, reliability, process stability and zero errors. Automation also mitigates the influence of factors such as the time of day, seasonal peaks and fluctuations in demand.

Scalable systems for maximum flexibility

An automated warehouse must meet your requirements and those of your market at all times, by allowing you to do the right thing, at the right time and at the right cost. That is why our systems are designed for scalability and possess a modular structure. This allows the automation of your systems and processes to grow with the demands that your customers place on your logistics. You thus benefit from a perfectly co-ordinated overall system for your different applications. Forward planning is essential when it comes to creating such a system. Our simulation tools allow us to work with you to understand future scenarios and thus plan your automated warehouse in a future-proof manner. We are a global, stable and reliable partner for comprehensive solutions, with a particular focus on automated systems.

Complete solutions for automated systems

How do automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) work? Automated warehouses are based on the intelligent interplay between the various components of an overall system, such as the rack operating equipment, materials handling technology and warehouse management system. Automated systems thus help to ensure safe and efficient transport of goods and materials between the individual storage and production areas in your automated warehouse. Be it pallets, containers or boxes – with a wealth of roller, belt and chain conveyors, shuttle cars, lift tables, turntables and lifters at our disposal, we can always provide the right solution to simplify and optimise your logistics processes. And since automation generally involves substantial investments, it is all the more important to have a reliable partner at your side – one you can count on one hundred percent.

Quality in quantity

Are you looking for a large-scale, high-speed goods handling solution that combines maximum cost-effectiveness with utmost efficiency? Automatic pallet warehouses are as individual as your requirements. We can provide you with a wide range of automation solutions.

Big performance with small parts

How can you save space and valuable time with minimum effort when storing small parts in containers, boxes or trays? Answers can be found in our range of automation products, which take the form of stand-alone or complete system solutions.

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