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Orogel Stage
Welcome to the largest cold storage room in Italy.

Peak performance at -25°C in Orogel's automatic warehouse.

The cold storage room alone occupies 8,000 square metres at the 300,000-square-metre Orogel 3 plant in Cesena. With an impressive automation solution that not only increases productivity and efficiency, but is also sustainable and flexible, Orogel is creating new space for future growth. 


  • Implementation of a modular and scalable storage solution with sustainable cold storage.
  • Upgrade of the previous storage system to a flexible and sustainable solution.
  • Maximum utilisation of the available space in the new Orogel 3 facility.
  • Long-term optimisation of costs and efficiency by ensuring a lean supply chain. 


  • Automated storage system with 50,000 pallet spaces and a capacity of 400,000 quintals.
  • A -25°C insulated rack for storage and computerised handling of frozen products.
  • Six stacker cranes with shuttle system for vertical and horizontal transport.
  • Low energy consumption for maximum efficiency and sustainability.


  • Implementation of the Orogel 3 plant as another important milestone in the cooperation with Orogel. 
  • Operational and management benefits thanks to choosing an automation solution.
  • Increased efficiency in transport and storage as well as an improved sustainability balance.
  • Successful technology partnership to further develop existing automated logistics.

Orogel at a glance:

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