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Subjects such as efficiency, Li-ion technology, safety, digitalisation and automation are shaping our world and our industry. Our position on these matters is clear: Only those who offer effective solutions should have a say. Here you can read more about Jungheinrich's approach to current issues.

Lithium-Ion technology from Jungheinrich

Li-ion power gives you the decisive advantage required to win.

Safety solutions for your warehouse

A warehouse is not a playground. But it should be just as safe.

Digitalisation and connectivity

Start your opening tune.

The perfectly choreographed warehouse

Automatic success with a perfectly choreographed warehouse. 

Aim high with the EFG electric forklift trucks

The EFG electric counterbalance forklift. Lithium-ion powered for maximum performance.

Lead-acid powered for consecutive shifts

The EFG electric counterbalance forklift. Lead-acid powered for consecutive shifts.

Balance & Power

We want to make your choice of counterbalance truck easier, so you can get on and do more, in less time, using less energy. Our market leading energy solutions give you power and drive options to suit any application and budget. 

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