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Pallet Truck Buying Guide

There’s a Jungheinrich pallet truck to suit every application

However your warehouse operates, you need the peace of mind of knowing you have the best truck in terms of suitability and quality of build to optimise throughput.

With a wealth of history and experience in warehouse logistics, Jungheinrich has developed a comprehensive range of electric pallet trucks designed to optimise throughput in every warehouse scenario. So whatever your demands, there will be a truck that’s perfectly suited to the task.

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Whether its walk along, ride-on or sit-on, our range of pallet trucks are packed with features to make operating them easy and stress-free. Features such as ergonomic tillers, which in some cases offer operation with either hand, ensure flexible and comfortable working and help to reduce the strain on the operator. You can also choose from a number of additional equipment options and performance features, ranging from on-board chargers to crawl speed buttons and traction aids.

Pedestrian pallet truck buying guide 2

Which Jungheinrich pallet truck will best suit my operation?

Use our simple buying guide to help you select the perfect Jungheinrich pallet truck for your operation. Some common questions that can help identify which truck is right for you are listed below:

  • How demanding are your warehouse operations?
  • How frequently are you using the truck?
  • Are you travelling short, medium or long distances within the warehouse?
  • Do you require a truck that can both move and stack goods within your warehouse?
  • What about Lithium-Ion or lead acid battery options?

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Pallet Truck Buying 2

Pallet Truck Buying 3

Talk to our team about pallet trucks today!

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Pallet Truck 5

Li-ion technology made by Jungheinrich

Using our lithium-ion technology, you will easily outrun the competition:
lasting performance, fast charging times and zero maintenance.
Choose the full li-ion power with our 6-month satisfaction guarantee as well as our 5-year guarantee on your li-ion battery.

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pallet truck buying guide

Learn More about LI-Ion Technology

Looking for an off the shelf pallet truck or something for lighter use?

Jungheinrich's Profishop has the solution, all available to buy online today!

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For further information and details about our customised purchase options, please get in touch.

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