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EJC / EJD electric pedestrian controlled truck

Quality from top to bottom - the new Electric Pallet Stackers from Jungheinrich. Strive for the best and set new records for efficiency in your warehouse with the latest pedestrian controlled Pallet Stackers.

With numerous truck options for every purpose and every warehouse environment, Jungheinrich has got your short distance stacking covered. From the well-proven EJC universal stacker to the versatile EJD multifunctional truck - we have researched, developed and produced the perfect truck for your application, to bring unseen levels of efficiency, safety, robustness and flexibility to your everyday operations.

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Why should you choose an electric pedestrian controlled truck from Jungheinrich?

With the largest lift height variance on the market, superior stability. double-deck transport capability, together with safe and intuitive operation, the new electric pallet stackers EJC and EJD excel in high-performance operation over short distances.

  • efficient tools for the storage and retrieval of goods,
  • perfect for occasional picking over short distances,
  • perfectly designed, intuitive and easy to handle,
  • ideal for high-turnover, intensive applications.

Whether you choose a well-proven standard vehicle (EJC) or a versatile multifunctional truck (EJD) - with an electric stacker truck precisely tailored to your needs, you are ready to face any challenge in the warehouse.

The tried and tested EJC universal stacker is the best choice for high racking levels with numerous vehicle options available for any warehouse environment. Whereas a true all-rounder like the EJD 222 is the perfect match for more ambitious double-deck transport to achieve maximum productivity. Above all, the main feature of all Jungheinrich’s pedestrian controlled trucks is their powerful electric drive, helping them achieve new levels of efficiency effortlessly.

These are the advantages of our pedestrian controlled trucks EJC and EJD:

The new EJC models:

The new EJD model:

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Picture Kurzstrecke HHW Efficiency

More efficient than ever:

With lithium-ion technology as the driving force.

With a choice of our state-of-the-art lithium-ion technology offering longer service life, extremely short charging times and significantly lower operating costs, or proven lead-acid batteries with a 2Shifts1Charge guarantee, you have maximum flexibility for your warehouse.

Whether its higher lift speeds and increased handling performance (EJC) or highest productivity in double-deck transport (EJD) - a high-lift pallet truck from Jungheinrich ensures excellent energy management and increased profitability with every application.


Picture Safety

More safety in operation.

Safety is a top priority when developing our electric high lift trucks.

Both the EJC and EJD have intelligent safety functions built-in which are there to provide maximum protection to users and pedestrians when working.

Safety accessories such as the floor spot and the assistance system - operationCONTROL - ensure that the EJC is always clearly visible when driving through the warehouse and that the permissible load weight is not exceeded.

Our EJD comes with a 4-step safety drawbar for active foot protection in pedestrian mode, while the innovative ProTracLink support wheel system, with hydraulic locking, enables safe driving on ramps and over thresholds.


More durability:

Quality you can feel - on every ride.

The EJC and EJD trucks show impressive stability even under the toughest conditions, thanks to their impressive robustness. With maximum precision during lifting and lowering as well as high-quality materials that have been tested extensively, these trucks are ready to be put through their paces in your warehouse.

The EJC handles special goods easily as a broad-gauge pedestrian stacker, while the EJD sets new standards with a 7mm steel frame for high-turnover applications.

Picture Flexibility

More flexibility.

Changing requirements in the warehouse demand tailor-made vehicles.

Further quality features of our electric pedestrian controlled trucks EJC and EJD are their wide range of different mast types as well as their uncomplicated operability, which empowers even unexperienced users to drive safely after a short instruction.

The EJD 222, with the largest lift height variance on the market in three mast types, offers maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications. An intuitively designed multifunctional tiller head button enables convenient stacking at great heights (EJC and EJD).

With the EJC the driver always has everything essential in sight thanks to the optional bracket with 6-inch display and indication of lift height, residual load capacity, overload warning and fine weighing.

More electric pedestrian controlled trucks:

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