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For Safe and Efficient Training

Forklift Simulator

With the forklift simulator you save costs, space and resources! The professional VR software from Jungheinrich enables safe training and applicant tests.

Training your own forklift operators has become a competitive advantage in logistics in order to counter the shortage of qualified employees. Jungheinrich’s groundbreaking forklift simulator helps meet this challenge. A single piece of equipment replaces real forklifts, a training site, and training staff.

The Jungheinrich forklift simulator was awarded the Service Management Prize by the German Customer Service Association in 2019, demonstrating its high value.

Our forklift simulator at a glance:

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What exactly is a driving simulator for forklifts?

The forklift simulator functions similarly to flight simulators, which prospective pilots use for training. The professional VR software generates realistic virtual warehouse surroundings in which trainees can learn the forklift’s functions without running the risk of accidents. One of the highlights of the forklift simulator is that your own warehouse can easily be virtually simulated according to your specifications.

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The driving simulator consists of a compact movement platform, the VR software including VR headset and monitor, and a service package. Original control elements, 3D sound, and the extremely mobile 4-Axis movement platform provide a particularly realistic training experience. The software offers different training levels that build upon each other. No matter if your employee is at a beginner or advanced level, with the VR simulator training begins where it suits your employee best. Training commences with a safety check of the vehicle (pre-op check), an overview of the functions of the forklift and important security advice. Next comes driving exercises, such as transporting pallets, as well as information on the examination level that follows. The aim of VR simulators is to enable trainees to safely and professionally operate the forklift and to refine advanced forklift operators’ skills.

The forklift simulator is available for a diverse range of Jungheinrich vehicles, including:

The software adapts to the respective vehicle of your choice in order to prepare forklift operators for all situations and scenarios.

How can you use the Forklift Simulator?

The forklift simulator by Jungheinrich is ideally suited for driving training sessions. In addition, the forklift truck simulator supports you in the selection process of new staff and simplifies your forklift operators’ annual safety training. You can use the vehicle simulator economically and in multiple ways:

Safely learn to drive a forklift with the VR simulator.

Training a future operator with a forklift simulator is as comprehensive and professional as live training. The VR software’s interactive levels enable the trainee to practice independently. Since it simulates the warehouse surroundings you have requested, training can be carried out under realistic conditions.

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You save time and money with the VR simulator while maintaining high-quality training:

  • The equipment is more secure than live training because the operator and other employees are not put in danger.
  • You save valuable warehouse space because you do not need a special training area.
  • All your vehicles remain available since no additional vehicles are necessary for training.
  • You do not need extra training staff thanks to the interactive software with its training levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

Selecting applicants: test their ability with the driving simulator.

The forklift simulator is particularly useful for selecting new employees. You can easily test applicants’ suitability without an actual driving test. You can easily simulate many different everyday situations using the VR software. For instance, you can determine an applicant’s ability to work at height without actually putting them in an elevated position.

In all, the selection process is much faster and simpler with the driving simulator than with an actual vehicle. Furthermore, you protect your applicants from accidents and your vehicles from damage. Most importantly, knowing whether your new employee is indeed suitable for driving forklifts has the potential to save you money!

Picture Fahrzeugsimulator Simulator

Annual safety training with the forklift simulator.

It is your legal obligation to provide your employees with annual safety training. By using the VR simulator, you can fulfil this task faster and easier.

Not only does the forklift simulator enable effortless planning and implementation, but the equipment also automatically records the security training. This function is important and useful in cases where accidents occur.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Realistic driving experience thanks to the 4-Axis movement platform.
  • 3D sound for absolutely genuine sound effects.
  • Hand recognition: you can see your own hands through the VR headset and can work with virtual packages.
  • The training vehicle and control elements correspond to the vehicle’s actual controls.
  • The training software is as realistic as live training.

The VR simulator also gives you the advantage of being networkable with other equipment. Therefore, several users can train together in the same environment. You can simulate complete working processes and hence prepare your trainees optimally for diverse, real-life situations. Using the trainer kit, the training staff can enter a specific simulation via the VR headset and give instructions and support.

Picture KVD Servicepreis

The Jungheinrich forklift simulator: awarded the Service Management Prize.

In 2019, Jungheinrich won the Service Management Prize awarded by the German Customer Service Association every year. This demonstrates that the Jungheinrich forklift simulator represented the best in service innovation that year. During high-demand training phases when neither trainers nor vehicles are available, the driving simulator supports you in providing mandatory training. The forklift simulator ensures professional training even if there are only limited resources and space in the warehouse.

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