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The natural home of intralogistics

Welcome to the natural home of intralogistics.

Where the complex management and optimization of internal production and distribution processes become a simple reality.

Begin your journey to a more sustainable warehouse by partnering with Jungheinrich. 

Our one-stop-shop of products and solutions will help you find your way in a constantly changing and ever more advanced technological world.

Your needs, our solutions.

This is what intralogistics is all about.

Intralogistics describes the processes involved in connecting and interacting with all systems relating to the flow of materials, information, automation, logistics and production within a warehouse or business premises. The aim of a well-implemented intralogistics strategy is to achieve optimum productivity and efficiency for all manual and automated systems. Our unique offering of products and solutions helps us create bespoke solutions for our customers and all this from one reliable source.

  • Warehouse management software
  • Automation and robotics
  • The Smart Workforce
  • Complex networking capabilities
  • Successful integration of machinery, plant, workforce and products.
  • Enhanced safety
  • New energy sources

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Automation and the Smart Workforce

Automation is a large and ever-increasing facet of intralogistics and we have the knowledge and experience to ensure it plays a decisive role in productivity, efficiency and reduced operational costs. It is essential that any processes put in place within an organisation provide real benefits for the people within it and improve day-to-day performance. Each individual is as important as any piece of equipment within an organisation. In the collaborative intralogistics environment, the workforce requires new and ever-changing skillsets. Automation will increase the complexity of roles, creating new demands for employee recruitment and training and is increasingly a platform for change as companies explore the smart, connected warehouse. Artificial Intelligence and improved forecasting will embrace more personalisation and predict changing demands. Supply chains are becoming more complex and therefore a growing number of companies now recognise the value and importance of automation for gaining increased productivity and efficiency.

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Connected technology

The use of automated driverless transport robots in high-bay warehouses, forklifts and industrial trucks are decisive factors in the internal flow of materials, warehouse system services and order picking. The order picking systems efficiently support the order pickers in internal order processing. Logistics solutions such as Pick-to-Light, Voice Picking, Pick-by-Point, Pick-by-Frame, etc. control the information flows and serve to optimise the warehouse and support management.

Jungheinrich is actively exploring technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence and moulding the role such platforms may play in meeting evolving operational challenges. With the increasing connectivity of equipment within operations, the use of big data offers significant opportunities to improve performance and drive down wastage. The shift towards convenience logistics, such as the ordering of groceries and drugs online 24/7, is also creating more demands. We can leverage data to better understand trends, forecast more accurately and respond effectively to help you gain an advantage.

The widespread adoption of standard WMS and ERP systems plus the availability of application programming interfaces (API) has made the integration of systems far more flexible, which can significantly reduce implementation time. With the right approach, concerns regarding cost, complexity and fear of business disruption can be allayed.

The widespread adoption of standard WMS and ERP systems plus the availability of application programming interfaces (API) has made the integration of systems far more flexible, which can significantly reduce implementation time. With the right approach, concerns regarding cost, complexity and fear of business disruption can be allayed.


While automation can minimise the number of workers required on the shop floor, reducing accidents, and enabling these individuals to be redeployed to other more low-risk areas of the operation, a collaborative man/machine environment where the workforce is operating alongside robots and AGVs, creates new issues regarding safety. Innovations in sensor technology combined with a greater emphasis on ergonomics and real-time communication are transforming safety, but organisations must consider the way in which machines and the human workforce work together to ensure a safe environment.

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New power sources and demands

Businesses are rapidly moving from IC power to electric equipment, embracing the inherent flexibility and efficiency enabled by Lithium-Ion powered trucks.

Lithium-ion technology is revolutionising the intralogistics sector, and there are many compelling reasons for adopting lithium-ion solutions from Jungheinrich. As a leading lithium-ion provider, we make it easy for you to take advantage of this advanced technology. Combined with our holistic solutions, cutting-edge technologies, fully integrated services and a comprehensive product range, we help make your business more efficient and thus more successful – with Jungheinrich there is no need for compromise.


Building relationships

Empowering you and your business to be more efficient and profitable in the long term.

At Jungheinrich we are highly focused on your unique requirements - by listening and consulting closely with you, we can better identify and provide tailored solutions to help you achieve success. We understand that having great products is not always enough, solutions need to deliver value and have the ability to adapt to future changing demands.

We want to ensure you receive the best possible experience both at the consultation and sales stage, right through to ongoing service and support. We are fully focused on creating fruitful and long-lasting partnerships based on mutual trust and transparency.

Real sustainable value

Creating sustainable value for our customers, employees shareholders and business partners as well as for society at large.

At Jungheinrich, our aim is to reconcile economic, environmental and social developments and firmly place the needs of all stakeholders at the core of our activities. To enable this we have committed to using resources efficiently and as such are guided by the following three core beliefs:

  • For us, sustainable actions and economic success are inseparable.
  • Our portfolio of services meets high economic, ecological and social standards.
  • Responsibility and reliability are at the heart of the way we work.


Sustainable actions and economic success are inseparable

As a family company, we are not focusing our actions on generating short-term profits, we want to help shape the world we all live and work in through the positive realisation of our products and solutions. The prosperity of mankind depends on an intact environment, safe social circumstances, and stable political conditions. We have a vested interest in always reconciling profitable growth with ecological and social concerns.

Our portfolio of services meets high economic, ecological and social standards

Energy and resource efficiency has been at the core of our activities from the very start. A sustainable value process leads us and our customers not only to be more efficient but also to save valuable resources. This is enabled by our product and service offering. More and more, sustainability is a criterion that determines purchasing decisions. The objective of our business model has always been to support the work of our customers through technological innovations and to help them grow both sustainably and profitably. Because of that, energy and resource efficiency has been at the core of our activities since the beginning. This attitude continues to drive us to this day and is reflected by our electric trucks featuring industry-leading environmental features and energy-saving automation solutions. We are able to achieve all this because we make the entire value creation process as sustainable as possible - from purchasing materials to product planning, and including the reconditioning of used equipment. This path leads us and our customers to efficient and resource-conserving products and solutions.

Responsibility and reliability as a foundation of our way of work

Permanent and reliable business partnerships are key to our success because we know that great things are achieved when we work together. We are committed to co-operation both within our workforce as well as with our customers, suppliers and all other business partners. Our employees are the backbone of the company. Whether in production and the warehouse, or in After Sales Services and administration, we work shoulder to shoulder as colleagues. Working together in a respectful, appreciative and trusting manner is at the heart of Jungheinrich’s corporate culture.

‘Living’ these convictions is essential to our sense of identity and as part of the “50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders” international campaign, we are committed to the 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations. Our trucks represent energy efficiency and we are making a decisive contribution to the decarbonisation of intralogistics. In addition, we are also helping to accelerate the electrification of other sectors through our experience and skills. Our automation solutions not only bring goods to their destination more quickly, but they do it with lower electricity consumption. We are simultaneously increasing safety and efficiency with the help of digital solutions – not least with artificial intelligence in our warehouses. Our products are designed and manufactured in such a way that many of them can cope with a second and third life. Ambitious sustainability management ensures that we always meet our high standards.



In order to tackle global climate change ‘head-on’, we have devised a whole new approach and a way of thinking that we call Environmentality, an awareness of the environmental issues facing mankind and a sense of responsibility to the natural world. Along with many of the largest companies in the UK, we have committed fully to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050 and Jungheinrich UK aims to be a Carbon Neutral business by 2035. This commitment places us at the forefront of the material handling industry on the road to ‘Net Zero’, making a cleaner and healthier world for you and the wide community.

Our commitment

Jungheinrich UK has committed to achieving the following milestones:

  • By 2023, 50% of new Jungheinrich forklifts sold in the UK will be Lithium-ion powered
  • By 2025, 100% of new Jungheinrich trucks sold in the UK will be fully electric-powered
  • Jungheinrich UK is committed to being carbon neutral by 2035
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