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Maso Profit Stage
Better play it safe than on a knifes edge.

With an intelligent racking system solution for maximum storage capacity.

At Maso Profit in Prague, a partner for entrepreneurs in the meat processing and gastronomy sectors, knives from the range are no longer transported by foot through the warehouse. This is handled by a fully automated small parts warehouse equipped with the STC 2B1A storage and retrieval system.


  • Conversion from a modular racking system to an automatic small parts warehouse.
  • Safe transport of sensitive and dangerous goods such as knives.
  • Energy management optimistion for more economic working processes.
  • Untypical rack design caused by the tent-roof construction of the warehouse.  


  • Fully automated small parts warehouse equipped with the Jungheinrich stacker crane STC 2B1A.
  • 2.588 boxes on 100 m² for maximum utilization of the storage capacity.
  • 4 order picking stations with container conveyor technology for efficient work processes.
  • Drive technology with high-capacity condensers for intelligent energy management. 


  • Implementation of the first STC 2B1A stacker crane outside the DACH region.
  • Increased productivity thanks to a racking system solution with integrated conveyor technology.
  • Optimal acceleration and reduced energy demand through the use of SuperCaps.
  • Employee training by Jungheinrich service technicians for a smooth system changeover.

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