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Delivering the future at RedMart Singapore.

Online grocery shopping handled with professional offline logistics.

RedMart is a leading online supermarket in Singapore with five warehouses throughout the island. To successfully deliver a wide range of groceries, household and specialty items Jungheinrich provided suitable high-performance trucks as well as economic and space-saving cold store Equipment.


  • Optimise operation flows to overcome congestion in the warehouse.
  • Prevent incorrect handling and damage of the operating trucks.
  • Develope a competitive logistic concept to endure in the constantly growing cold store business.
  • Minimise space limitation due to spare battery operation.


  • A combination of Jungheinrich ETV/ETM reach trucks as well as ERE and EFG trucks.
  • Deployment of the innovative cold store truck for ambient and cold store products.
  • Increased spare part stock to reduce downtimes in the warehouse.
  • Operator training program to secure the right handling of the warehouse equipment.


  • Successful movement into the competitive field of cold store business.
  • More economic operations thanks to Jungheinrich high-performance trucks.
  • Efficient work processes due to improved vehicle operation.
  • Maximised productivity in transporting and storing goods.

RedMart in a nutshell:

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