Stage EJE C20

Pedestrian pallet truck 2.0t

  • 540 - 540 mm
  • 2000 - 2000 kg
  • Pallet truck with additional mast lift
  • Powerful, maintenance-free 3-phase AC drive motor
  • Manoeuvrable and compact
  • Full manoeuvrability with upright tiller


The EJE C20 is a low lift truck which can also be used for order picking and light stacking operations. In addition to the support arm lift, the load can be raised to an overall height of 752 mm via a simplex mast contained in the battery compartment. This allows the operator for example to pick goods at a comfortable height.

Light stacking operations, such as stacking half Euro pallets, can be easily undertaken with the separate support arm and mast lift (optional). The support arm lift capacity is 2000 kg while the mast lift capacity is 700 kg.

Another plus is the maintenance-free drive motor with 3-phase AC technology. It offers strong acceleration and high speed in any situation with low consumption values – the best conditions for fast and efficient goods throughput.

The low-mounted, long tiller ensures the truck maintains a safe distance from the operator. Especially when cornering, the EJE C20 maintains an adequate distance. The crawl speed button allows safe travel with a vertical tiller. At the touch of a button, the brake is released and activation of the travel switch automatically reduces the speed of travel significantly.

The multi-functional tiller arm is full of innovations: Sealed sensor system (IP 65) for maximum breakdown protection, rocker switches with contactless electronics for precise operation in any tiller position, ergonomically arranged switches.


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