Stage Kommissionierung & Palettierung
Safer processes, lower logistics costs

Order picking and palletizing

Efficient order picking for greater productivity: Pick-by-voice and pick-by-light represent the pinnacle of order picking technology. We possess the right systems for order-based goods selection and the process expertise to boost the productivity of your warehouse processes.

Get ahead with perfectly efficient order picking

In order to achieve high throughput rates, it is essential to implement safe processes and save time where possible. Efficient order picking is key in this regard. Our order picking portfolio is wide and extensive. It comprises a variety of picking trucks, including low-level, high-lift and vertical order pickers. With our modern, electrically powered order pickers, you can greatly increase your pick rates at reach heights of up to 4.60 metres. 

To this end, we have continuously optimised the human/machine interface. The many useful features of our vertical and low-level order pickers include height-adjustable steering units, PIN activation and individual travel programs for low to high speeds. In addition, rapid battery replacement will prove particularly beneficial in cost-effective mixed operation. With wireless data transmission and with our mobile "easyPILOT" (remote) control system, our order pickers work in perfect harmony with your inventory management system as well as with our own warehouse management system, the Jungheinrich WMS.

Meeting customer expectations regardless of the level of automation

The order picking requirements of our customers are as varied as their own clients and their market access. While some mainly handle full pallets, others are faced with real-time dispatch of very small lot sizes, as is becoming increasingly prevalent in the world of e-commerce. That is why our order picking solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements – regardless of the present level of automation. Our order picking systems are language-independent, greatly increase the productivity of your warehouse and minimise error rates – with utmost simplicity and a low learning curve.

Free rein for greater efficiency during order picking

Pick-by-voice and pick-by-light give you free rein at the order picking workplaces, be it for "goods-to-person" or "person-to-goods" processes. In addition, palletising, depalletising and picking robots help you to raise your productivity significantly in conjunction with suitable warehouse processes while also minimising error rates. And since the Jungheinrich WMS defines the load aids and quantities for every order, your employees can go about their picking duties with utmost speed, simplicity and efficiency.

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