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Trade up to Jungheinrich. Forklifts for the Wholesale and Retail Sector.

Forklifts for the Wholesale and Retail Sector

Jungheinrich UK are a major supplier of forklift trucks to the Wholesale and Retail Industry.

Our efficient, industry leading, highly productive trucks are perfect for the fast paced Wholesale and Retail sector. Our long-established and hard-earned reputation as a leading supplier within this challenging industry means we can provide the ideal trucks and support package to maximise your material handling workflow.

Whichever forklift truck you need - trade up to Jungheinrich...

Want to increase your productivity with a little trade secret?

Electric Counterbalance

Better trade up to Jungheinrich Electric Counterbalance.

4th Generation AC drive motors give market-leading energy efficiency coupled with class-leading productivity.

• 2000Kg capacity electric counterbalance truck.
• Reduced driver fatigue with a fully floating cab.
• Safer cornering with electronic CurveControl.
• Highly efficient, enough power for 2 shifts on 1 charge.
• Largest visibility window through the compact mast, on the market.

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Think your operation could use some of our trademark reliability?

IC Engine Counterbalance

Better trade up to Jungheinrich IC Engine Counterbalance.

The most productive and efficient compact 4 wheel diesel counterbalance truck on the market today.

• 2000kg capacity diesel counterbalance truck.
• Heavy duty industrial engine with high torque at low revs.
• Hydrodynamic drive for e”fficient operation especially over long distances.
• Independently mounted drive unit for a low vibration workplace.
• Inherent high stability with low centre of gravity and high pivot steer axle.
• Wet disc brakes fitted as standard, reducing maintenance costs.

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Think personnel comfort shouldn’t have to be a trade-off?

Low Level Order Pickers

Better trade up to Jungheinrich Low Level Order Pickers.

This truck has the best picking eƒfficiency of any low level order picker in the market.

• 2500kg capacity low level order picker.
• The market leader in low level order pickers throughout Europe.
• Fitted with a progressive, electric powered JetPilot tiller, eliminating dangerous truck snaking during operation.
• Excellent acceleration giving high productivity.
• Featuring our unique safety feature, CurveControl which reduces speed safely in corners.
• Regenerative braking, reclaiming up to 10% of the battery’s capacity whilst the truck decelerates.

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Want to trade wasteful with efficiency?

Vertical Order Pickers

Better trade up to Jungheinrich Vertical Order Pickers

48v AC Motors ensure strong acceleration and high lift speeds.


• 1000Kg capacity medium level order picker.
• Optional RFID warehouse navigation system.
• Optimises vertical and horizontal travel increasing productivity by up to 25%.
• Unrivalled power consumption - fully available over 2 shifts on 1 charge.

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