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Increased productivity and warehouse safety through our AGV

Rhenus Retail Service is a subsidiary of the Rhenus Group and has been specialising in contract logistics since 2005. The company is located in Minden with a storage area of 35,500 m2.

Improved in-house processes without changes to the warehouse topology

In order to improve internal processes while maintaining the same warehouse topology, automation is gaining more relevance, especially since Rhenus Retail Service is known as a service and solution provider for logistics. An Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) without system connection was chosen to avoid links with the existing high-bay warehouse and the other systems. Since the AGV allows standardised processes, waiting and processing times as well as manual transports are eliminated. Quote Case study Rhenus

Alexander Schüller,
Managing of Director Rhenus Service GmbH

"Our employees have accepted the solution with the AGV, because they were included in the project processes right from the start.“

EKS 210a – driverless and safe

The EKS 210a is an automated serial vehicle with a comprehensive safety package. The precise reflector navigation as well as additional sensors allow accurate positioning in the aisles. This required only minor changes to the existing periphery, since the conveyor technology, among other things, could also be used. Standardised procedures eliminate waiting and processing times as well as non-valuable tasks.

Precise transport and increased safety

“We are already operating with automated systems, a high-bay warehouse and an unloading facility for shuttle trailers. However, the AGV was our first contact with a driverless vehicle,” says Alexander Schüller, Managing Director of Rhenus Retail Service GmbH. According to Schüller, the involvement of the employees was a key factor for the successful investment in the AGV. “Our employees have accepted the solution with the AGV, because they were included in the project processes right from the start. In the past, they used to transport pallets with counterbalance trucks from the warehouse to the conveyor system of the high-bay warehouse. Today, they contribute their know-how for demanding tasks for which the company needs their experience. The task is to structure the daily incoming goods and efficiently schedule the AGV into daily operations, regarding incoming goods priorities. Additionally, the Jungheinrich AGV is ideal for standardised processes and its application is futureoriented. There is also potential for integrating even more AGVs into the Rhenus world,” says Schüller.

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