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A future-proof investment

Forklift trucks for Zhongwei Packing

In its new central warehouse, Shanghai-based logistics service provider Zhongwei Packing is relying solely on our forklift trucks. They are manufactured in our Chinese plant and equipped with highly energy-efficient 3-phase AC technology.

Order pickers to meet exacting requirements

In 2013, Zhongwei Packing, a supplier of vendor and spare parts from VW, relocated to its new warehouse in Shanghai. The new logistics centre covers an area of 40,000 square metres. From here, more than 200 customers in eastern China are supplied with all manner of VW components, ranging from small parts to large vehicle body sections. The new warehouse was constructed not just in response to VW's ever increasing turnover in China, but also to accommodate the growing range of products manufactured by VW for this market.

The VW parts are stored by Zhongwei Packing for no more than two months. A special feature of the Shanghai warehouse is that the parts are not stored on pallets but instead in lattice boxes, the surface area of which is roughly equivalent to that of two Euro pallets. The only exception are vehicle body parts, which are stored in a specially constructed facility. Like other logistics companies the world over, Zhongwei Packing is also facing the challenge of having to accommodate an increasingly wide range of articles in its warehouse, while the lot sizes of individual orders are generally declining. As a result, product assortments have to be prepared for dispatch and delivered with ever greater speed and efficiency. This also places increasing demands on the order picking vehicles in terms of their picking performance, flexibility and operating time.

Haifeng Wang
Manager of Zhongwei Packing's central warehouse

"We are extremely happy with the co-operation. In particular, the rapid response time in after sales is setting new benchmarks."

Tailor-made for the needs of Zhongwei Packing

In Zhongwei Packing's new logistics centre, around 40 trucks from our Chinese plant in Qingpu are ensuring smooth and efficient workflows. These include electrically powered pallet trucks, reach trucks, some two dozen counterbalance forklift trucks with capacities ranging from 1600 to 2000 kilogrammes as well as four EKS 210 vertical order pickers. All these modern industrial trucks are manufactured to European standards and are on a par with their German-made counterparts in every respect. All of the electric trucks are equipped with the latest generation of our 3-phase AC technology. Thanks to their high efficiency and energy recovery during braking, the trucks consume very little electricity in use – a significant benefit in terms of overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Robust and reliable forklift trucks

The business relationship between ourselves and Zhongwei Packing came about following a recommendation directly from VW. Haifeng Wang, who manages the new central warehouse in Shanghai, remembers: "We were previously unaware of Jungheinrich, but took this step with great confidence following intensive consultation and reference visits." With regard to the specific requirements of Zhongwei Packing he states: "Conditions throughout the site are pretty tough. We therefore require simple yet robust and highly reliable forklift trucks. That is why we opted for Jungheinrich." Having now gained several years of practical experience, Haifeng Wang is very happy with his decision. Among other things, he is delighted with the performance characteristics of the EKS 210 vertical order pickers: "We were particularly impressed by the many safety functions of these trucks. These are features you don't get on comparable trucks, even those made in Germany."

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