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Speed results in maximum throughput performance

Stacker cranes for pallet warehouses

In an automated pallet warehouse, stocking and retrieval operations done at high speed and with precision are essential. Maximum throughput performance and optimised space usage can only be achieved by means of equipment optimally tailored to your warehouse. 

Improving performance in automated pallet warehouses

Speed and efficiency are critical if you want to achieve the best goods throughput possible. Automated pallet warehouses always can best demonstrate their advantages when a large number of items are stored and handled in multi-shift operations (24/7) and/or in limited space. Rack systems, software and all operating equipment need to interact perfectly in this case. For that reason alone, the planning and implementation of your automated pallet warehouse should be done by an experienced expert like Jungheinrich.

Optimised space usage

Automated pallet warehouses can be designed as installed facilities or as freestanding silo storage sites up to 45 meters high, which makes the level of space usage extremely high. The placement positions for pallets, lattice boxes and individual carrier systems can withstand loads of up to 7.5 metric tons. In single-, double- or multi-depth configurations, these warehouses are suited for almost all types of goods and can serve as standard temperature, temperature-controlled or deep-freeze (up to -35°C) storage facilities. 

Speeding up your goods throughput 

In automated pallet warehouses, special high-speed stacker cranes ensure that storing and retrieving goods happens quickly. With a load-bearing capacity of up to 7.5 metric tons, they get around quickly and precisely – and deliver maximum energy efficiency. In this way, stacker cranes get the most out of your automated pallet warehouse. 

Inherently scalable: curve going stacker cranes

Während sich gassengebundene Regalbediengeräte in nur einer Regalgasse bewegen, bedienen kurvengängige Regalbediengeräte gleich mehrere Gassen: Die volle Lagerkapazität wird genutzt. Für mehr Umschlagleistung können weitere Geräte in das Lagersystem integriert werden. Das Gassenwechselsystem gewährleistet dabei das schnelle und sichere Umsetzen des Bediengerätes. Kosten für Überwachungselemente, Stellwerke, Sicherheitseinrichtungen oder Hilfsgeräte für einen Schienenwechsel entfallen.

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