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Holistic intralogistics

All-round intralogistics solution for Russian market leader Komus

Komus, Russia's largest retail chain receives 12,000 orders a day in Moscow alone, all of which have to be delivered the next day! The market leader retains this high level of delivery performance with a new narrow-aisle warehouse.

Short response times

Komus is a Russian retail, wholesale chain and production company, offering a wide range of products from office items and business equipment to medical consumables. It is Russia's largest network of branches (over 70) and it's headquarters processes 12,000 customer orders a day for the Moscow region alone. Komus has the following promise to its customers: If you order by early evening, you will receive your goods the next day. To be able to maintain this high performance level of delivery, this Russian market leader has invested in a space-saving narrow-aisle warehouse and nine EKX 515 electric order picker/tri-lateral stackers, including warehouse navigation.

An economical switch

Komus initially chose to enter into partnership with us for cost reasons. "We have found that low-cost does not always mean economical." Komus particularly rated our information technology and our first-class service. Because we have our own sales company based in Russia, we are able to react with speed and efficiency. This helps reduce service expenditure as well as the total cost of ownership over the long term.

But that's not all our holistic solution has to offer: Consider our short response times, flexibility and fault-free operation. That's because the EKX 515s in the narrow-aisle warehouse use an RFID system to communicate with a Warehouse Management System (WMS), which guides them automatically to their destination via the shortest routes. What's more, the combi trucks can manage two shifts without stopping for a charge. All this results in savings, both in time and energy, as well as increased levels of safety, all combining to maximise efficiency.

Greater delivery flexibility increased

"We wanted hi-tech operations in our warehouse. We approached various manufacturers with our requirements", explains general director Bobrikov. "The challenges involved implementing information technology in the narrow-aisle warehouse, that enabled our employees to communicate in Russian. Only Jungheinrich was able to offer us a complete IT solution. This solution includes logistics interfaces on the remote data terminals of the fork lift trucks, which translate the WMS orders into the required language." This puts our retail chain customer in the best possible position to meet all criteria. Looking forward, Komus is aiming to extend the time window for next-day orders to late evening.

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