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Jungheinrich Parts Direct. A new standard in spare parts logistics

From our new UK central spare parts warehouse, direct to you.

In order to create the best possible worldwide parts network, Jungheinrich has invested in a brand new UK parts centre in the Midlands to integrate seamlessly with our European central parts centre in Kaltenkirchen, Hamburg - both designed to equip our service engineers with even faster access to required parts and data.

The introduction of a UK based parts centre enables next level customer response times and provides greater availability of parts. Jungheinrich’s customer service engineers and customers alike will continue to benefit from the online ordering platform and instant access to invaluable product information with the addition of later order cut-offs and faster delivery times. Add to this a UK based parts inventory to reinforce and enhance the high-quality experience provided by the engineers. 

So whatever parts you require, be safe in the knowledge that it doesn’t come easier or faster than with Jungheinrich Parts Direct.

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Jon Divers
Customer Service Director, Jungheinrich UK

"The UK parts centre ensures our engineers have access to the highest quality facilities, enabling them to provide extensive and unparalleled customer support"

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