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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

The automatic choice.

As a leading manufacturer of AGV’s you can rely on Jungheinrich to be your automation partner.

With these unprecedented times comes ever-increasing customer demand and the drive towards round-the-clock operation. Jungheinrich, as a leading developer and manufacturer of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), is best placed to plan and implement the full or partial automation of your operation.

Intralogistics operations are increasingly taking centre stage as 24/7 operations are the leading response to increasing customer demand. This combined with challenges in labour availability within the UK results in the need to optimise processes, increase efficiency and productivity whilst also reducing costs. Further challenges have arisen due to the Covid pandemic, where the need to social distance has become a real issue in the warehouse, while increasing demand for the fast delivery of goods is putting even more strain on the supply chain. These challenges are accelerating the drive towards automation, but what does it truly entail?


AGVs in action

Your advantages at a glance

Succesful automation in intralogistics

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Automation could play a vital role if:

  • Your operation is multi-shift
  • Your daily operation uses continuous transport with long/repetitive movements
  • You handle standardised unit loads such as euro pallets, industrial pallets and lattice boxes
  • Your warehouse utilises lift heights up to 6m / or up to 13m for high-rack stackers
  • You suffer frequent damage caused by manual transport
  • You are looking to optimise your resource
  • You are looking to reduce operational costs
  • You are concerned with social distancing and the safety of your staff
  • Your intralogistics need to be more efficient, flexible and crisis-proof
  • You want to invest in the future of logistics

If three or more of these indicators describe your operation, then your business would certainly benefit from some form of automation and it would be worth taking advantage of our free consultation to discuss your options further. For more insight into the current range of AGVs available from Jungheinrich, download our AGV flyer which gives an overview of each truck with specs and capabilities, and the environment required to run them successfully.

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No need for reconstruction of your warehouse

The introduction of an Automated Guided Vehicle normally requires a high level of preparation on the customer side and is often accompanied by disruptions of the production. In order to avoid this, our AGVs are prepared for their specific application and thoroughly tested regarding their hardware and software prior to their delivery. Therefore, the degree of adaptation during the “hot phase” and possible standstill periods in your warehousing and production area are reduced to a minimum.
On site, the AGVs are easily connected with the customer’s host system by using the award-winning Jungheinich Logistics Interface. This inhouse developed middleware is a so-called plug-in and has already been successfully implemented at over 100 customer plants. Thanks to this high-quality, standardized hardware and software we are able to realize the implementation of your AGV efficiently, while saving resources. 

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Functionality and design combined

Are you looking to optimize your supply and production processes without any additional effort or costs? That is no problem with our AGVs. They take over all of your routine tasks fully automated.

Our AGV model in action

Through the laser-guided route guidance you can optimize your transport routes and relieve your employees, while increasing efficiency and reliability around the clock. The simple integration into the existing infrastructure allows for flexible use of the AGV models. See for yourself and check out our AGVs in action. 

AGV 2021 Image 3

Driverless but still safe

Extensive safety sensors protect man, machine and load. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) only travel on routes assigned to them. Nevertheless, there may be situations in which an employee inadvertently crosses the route. In this case, the extensive CE-certified safety system will initiate immediate braking. A key component of the system is the personal protection sensors – equipped with a warning and a protection field – which permanently monitor the direct routes of the AGV. If a person enters the warning field, the truck immediately slows down. If the person remains standing, it stops, while a signal is transmitted to the control center indicating the blocking of the truck. 

Safety Video

Safety despite speed

Safety despite speed

All AGVs are generally fitted with a personal protection scanner in driving direction. Depending on the truck’s speed, the field lengths of the safety area are adjusted. This means the faster the truck moves, the more its warning and protection fields are increased and their surroundings are more proactively scanned.

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Safety despite driving direction

The Automated Guided Vehicles also detect objects that may be located on the sides of the truck along its path. The side-mounted laser scanners allow for these objects to be detected in advance. In addition, they serve as an additional feature when cornering. The sensors identify objects that could touch the outside of the truck while cornering. If this is the case, they ensure a contactless stop of the truck.

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Safety Plus / on top

Additional safety is provided with the sensor curtain. The purpose of the sensor curtain is to detect objects above and below the detection level of the personal protection sensor and to avoid a collision with these objects. For example, it can detect pallets and loads that are protruding too far out of the racking. The sensor curtain does not only operate when travelling straight ahead, it also “looks” ahead into the curve.

AGV Image 4

Everything from one source

Regardless of the current phase in our joint project – if planning or realization – Jungheinrich is right by your side if you need assistance. The implementation of the AGVs is ensured by specialists on site.

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