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AG Barr goes electric with Jungheinrich

Moving toward a more sustainable future with lithium-ion technology

To fulfill sustainability goals and upgrade to an all-electric fleet of 70 trucks, soft drink manufacturer AG Barr partnered with Jungheinrich. Advanced li-ion technology and efficient charging systems ensure top performance with an improved environmental footprint.


  • Renewal of the forklift fleet across all warehouses of the AG Barr beverage brand
  • Replacement of LPG powered trucks  with environmentally-friendly all-electric forklift trucks
  • Facilitate business growth in line with sustainability, health and safety objectives
  • Find a suitable solution for each specific warehouse area and product in the beverage range


  • Installment of an all-electric forklift fleet consisting of 70 state-of-the-art vehicles
  • Economical combination of lithium-ion technology and conventional batteries
  • Safety lighting and various camera systems to increase occupational safety
  • Seven ECE low level order picker machines for efficient and time-saving picking processes


  • Continuous operation of the new fleet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency in daily warehouse operations
  • Competent project realisation by the Jungheinrich in-house electrical infrastructure team
  • A cleaner and more pleasant working environment due to reduced air and noise pollution

AG Barr at a glance

Karl Donnan
Supply Chain Director

“Our partnership with Jungheinrich has enabled us to have a forklift fleet across all our warehouses to become a carbon net zero business." 

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