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case study trago mills
New megastore employs winning warehouse solution.

Trago Mills launches an unbeatable megastore in Wales with ease and efficiency.

Trago Mills’ new megastore was a community and warehouse challenge. Employing locals and optimising warehouse operations were priorities. Jungheinrich’s tailor-made solution of a diverse fleet, staff training and flexible storage ensured Trago was still firmly at the vanguard of discount retailing.


  • New megastore was in need of complete systems and storage outfit.
  • Manual, staff-operated systems were desired.
  • Cost-effective fleet was required.
  • Appropriate vehicles were required to accommodate diverse range of products.
  • Variety of storage systems was needed for oversized goods.


  • Installation of complete turnkey solution after extensive consultation process.
  • Intensive training conducted for operator-controlled systems and trucks.
  • Delivery of flexible, high-performance, low-maintenance fleet.
  • Installation of manually-operated systems.
  • Installation of bespoke racking.


  • All-in-one solution reduced supplier expenses.
  • Smooth fleet performance from the start.
  • All goods handled easily and safely, increasing throughput.
  • Manually-operated systems creating 350 jobs locally.
  • Safe and appropriate storage, maximising available space.

Trago Mills in a nutshell:

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