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case study Premier Paper
A first for VNA picker/stacker with li-ion power.

Premier Paper is writing a premium future thanks to lithium-ion powered VNA vehicles.

The Premier Paper Group is the UK’s leading independent paper merchant. The performance and service of its fleet of lead-acid powered VNA trucks weren't meeting operational needs, so it upgraded to a combination of both refurbished and new li-ion powered VNA high-lift trucks from Jungheinrich. 


  • Current lead-acid truck battery endurance was limited - better performance required.
  • Appropriately sized trucks were required due to very narrow warehouse aisles.
  • High racking demanded excellent lift performance.
  • Previously no other vehicles had met Premier Paper’s requirements.


  • Introduction of long-life and high-performance li-ion batteries.
  • Replacement of lead-acid vehicles with two refurbished VNA combination picker/stackers.
  • Installation chargers in appropriate locations to enable charging during breaks.
  • Delivery of high-performance new picker/stacker with even higher lift.


  • Trucks available around the clock thanks to li-ion power.
  • Fast charging: li-ion batteries can be charged during operator breaks.
  • Greater efficiency and productivity thanks to high-performance vehicles.
  • No need to change batteries, no battery maintenance, no off-gassing.
  • Quicker, more responsive service from Jungheinrich.

Premier Paper in a nutshell:

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