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Racking systems by Jungheinrich

The backbone of your warehouse is made of skill and steel

A well-designed racking is the backbone of your warehouse. Once built, it must not only carry loads but also accommodate changes. Future-proof planning is therefore essential.

At Jungheinrich, we have been focusing on in-house developments, individual solutions and the highest quality for 60 years. With an extensive portfolio for the storage of pallets, containers, trays, boxes and long goods, we ensure that everything is safely stored and ready for use at any time. Customers from all over the world and from various industries rely on our systems for success.

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Well advised. From planning to after sales.

Your warehouse needs a solid foundation to outgrow its own performance. Our unique approach helps you achieve this. For the setup of the Jungheinrich pallet racking, our in-house product developers and structural engineers define the requirements for the future system and carry out its technical implementation. On location, we plan and design your tailor-made solution; a solution that does not exist anywhere else. If you wish, we are happy to continue to provide support and perform the annual inspection. This way you get everything from one expert source. 

Portrait Marco Harder Marco Harder
Head of Engineering & Product Development

“Jungheinrich favours voluntary commitment, even beyond legal requirements.“

Thoroughly tried and tested.

Passing through numerous internal and independent tests, each Jungheinrich pallet racking has to prove its load capacity. With our own test stations in the production facilities, we ensure the consistently high quality.

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A future-proof racking system is built on partnership.

Designing a warehouse is not an everyday project. That is why it is crucial to assign extremely forward-looking people, keen on doing some basic work. Similar to the developers of our first racking “Hubertus”, which to this day does an excellent job in some warehouses. The Jungheinrich experts of the present are no different: From the first idea to the execution, they are by your side, analysing your processes and subsequently developing a statically and economically viable racking concept. Your concept, which does not exist in the world a second time. During the implementation phase, they are on location and supervise the precise execution of the quality specifications. 

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What makes us the perfect racking partner?

As a leading racking and storage solutions supplier, Jungheinrich Logistics Systems specialise in optimising productivity and throughput efficiency in warehouse operations.
Racking and storage systems are key to optimum throughput efficiency, and form the backbone of a warehousing operation. At Jungheinrich we provide you with the key to unlock the full potential of your warehouse space, with racking systems, pallet racking, small parts storage, mezzanines and more, all specified to your own application.

Content Rackings Steve Richmond, Director - Logistics Systems, Jungheinrich UK Steve Richmond
Director - Logistics Systems, Jungheinrich UK

"At Jungheinrich we provide you with the key to unlock the full potential of your warehouse space."


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Jungheinrich racking systems

With so many variations of racking and storage systems, Jungheinrich will advise at all stages of a project with an end-to-end solution, from free planning to installation and after-sales support.

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Global enabler.

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1 Satair/Singapore

Development of a new spare parts warehouse
for the aerospace industry at one of the leading companies in this segment. A complex racking system was implemented consisting of adjustable long goods storage, modular racking and pallet storage

2 Universal services/Moscow

Construction of a new deep-freeze warehouse for a longtime customer and a large player in the logistics industry. A compact warehouse with shuttle systems was implemented.

3 Grifols/Ireland

The globally operating pharmaceutical company develops and markets innovative products in more than 90 countries. In the new warehouse, we combined manual and automated storage areas.

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Our responsibility for certified quality.

Even after finishing your racking solution, we ensure the continuous quality and safety in your warehouse. On request, one of our 120 certified inspectors will carry out the annual inspection according to DIN EN 15635. If something is amiss, you can order the original spare parts directly with him – thus, saving valuable time.

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Compact your storage and utilise all your space with Jungheinrich's shuttle racking.

Shuttles travelling independently in the racking channel allow you to enhance the performance range of traditional compact warehouse systems.

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Jungheinrich´s vertical lift systems. Improving your picking efficiency. 

Small items under control
The storage and handling of small parts can be particularly challenging. We offer a wide range of solutions to meet the demands of your operation, including tailored systems for your small parts warehouse which can be static or dynamic, depending on the task. 

For dynamic small parts storage there are two racking types available to choose form: 

  • the vertical carousel system
  • the vertical lift
Vertical Carousel System (PRK)
Vertical Lift (LRK)

A solution to suit every industry.

At Jungheinrich Logistics Systems we pride ourselves in being experts regarding all things material handling. We aim to provide the best solution for your individual operation and take a partnership approach to support you through all your material handling needs - whether that be for one forklift or a complete integrated warehouse solution.
With 60 years experience working in the UK as a leading racking and storage solutions supplier, we have built a wealth of knowledge regarding the different demands each industry faces and what they need from a material handling partner. At Jungheinrich Logistics Systems we have builtracking and storage solutions for every working application imaginable.

We provide full project management and customer service support thoughout the entire lifecycle of your project. 

Jungheinrich Logistics Systems offer a complete end-to-end solution including conceptual design and planning, project management, turnkey implementation and worldwide after-sales support solutions for all of your intralogistics needs.

Systemkompetenz aus einer Hand
Holistic warehouse planning from a single source.

Holistic warehouse planning is our core competency. Whether manual, semi or fully automated, we have the right solution for you.

Let Jungheinrich plan your warehouse for FREE!

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