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System technology in fresh-food warehouse

Setting up a logistics centre for Victorya

Located on the Eastern edge of Moscow, Victorya has been supplying fresh fruit and veg for almost 50 years to the central regions of Moscow, including the Kremlin. Privately owned since 1992, the company now also stores and distributes temperature-sensitive groceries.

Victorya has a contract with Moscow local government for wholesale fruit and vegetables. Their remit includes supplying social facilities within Moscow. Victorya is also involved in the production of fruit and vegetable preserves, as well as storage and the rental of warehouse space. To support all these activities, the warehouse space is divided into four cool areas with differing technical specifications. Overall, the company has warehouse space approaching 17,250 square metres, with room for over 24,500 pallets.

Roman Ignatenko
Victorya project manager

"We found it very encouraging that Jungheinrich was able to deliver a complete solution.“

Growth of the logistics centre

The development of the Victorya logistics centre is taking place in stages. The first terminal is currently in operation which allows the company to handle around 2000 pallets a day and unload 23 lorries at once. The goods to be stored are delivered from a wide range of producers, for which Victorya acts as a wholesaler. Once the goods have been unloaded from the lorry using an ESE 120 or ESE 220 pallet truck, they are checked and then assigned a barcode. This barcode contains information about the product, such as weight, size and expiry date. All information is routed wirelessly to the proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS) and can be stored in the central computer. All goods to be stored are transported to the warehouse using an EFG 216 counterbalance truck or a type 110 reach truck. The narrow-aisle warehouse has 15-metre-high racks that can hold up to 25,000 pallets.

There is also an effective process in place for storage and retrieval at the Victorya narrow-aisle warehouse, assisted by a total of six electric order pickers/tri-lateral stackers. These EKX 515 k models are high rack stackers with a capacity of up to 1500 kilogrammes and are also suitable for order picking.

Greater comfort and increased safety

The focus of the truck workplace is the electrically adjustable control panel. This central control and information unit offers a number of innovative performance features with a colour display and membrane keypad with number block. "The operator can use an access code to call up custom driver programs", explains Alexej Vershynin, head of systems at Jungheinrich Russia. The switch-free sensors register the operator's touch and forward this information to the on-board computer. "The drive and hydraulic controls use the proven thumb actuation method", continues Vershynin.

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