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Stage WLAN-Infrastruktur


  • Real-time connection to the warehouse via radio data terminals
  • High-quality WLAN components from Cisco or Motorola
  • High availability through intelligent forwarding
  • Complete planning and integration from Jungheinrich
  • Professional measuring technology for planning and analysis


The Jungheinrich WLAN infrastructure makes it possible to connect the warehouse to your network in real time via radio data terminals or other WLAN devices. That means your employees can access all data for their warehouse management or ERP system directly in the warehouse – and with free mobility in all areas with available WLAN. Intelligent forwarding between the individual wireless access points allows for an interruption-free connection with the network. For planning the required number and position of wireless access points, a simulation is created based on the layout of your warehouse. This already takes into account the attenuated propagation of WLAN signals due to the warehouse structures. In the second step, the exact installation position of every access point is defined and, subsequently, their output capability is determined by a system and performance analysis. During the installation, only high-quality, industry-standard WLAN components from Cisco or Motorola are used.


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