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Aim high with the EFG range of electric forklift trucks

Li-Ion electric counterbalance truck

The EFG electric counterbalance forklift. Lithium-ion powered for maximum performance.

Fitted with the latest 3-phase AC motors and our innovative energy concept PURE ENERGY, our maneuverable and versatile electric counterbalance trucks ensure maximum performance at minimum energy consumption. With the EFG, you save costs in the long term, whilst rendering your warehouse operations even more efficient. Read more below about the advantages of this innovative electric forklift combined with our latest Lithium-ion technology.

Energy efficiency made by Jungheinrich

The EFG with Li-ion technology.

The Jungheinrich EFG electric counterbalance with Lithium-ion battery technology is the ultimate combination for maximum efficiency and performance.
Produced in-house, our Lithium-ion batteries communicate seamlessly with truck and charger ensuring long life and low operating costs.
Jungheinrich Lithium-ion batteries meet the highest quality standards - we guarantee a battery life of up to 5 years or 10,000 hours, whichever occurs first.
Watch the video to learn more about our Lithium-ion batteries.

EFG electric counterbalance with Lithium-ion battery

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Starting from £26.969* or £122 per week**

* Basic truck and mast specification. Includes Lithium-ion battery. 

** Price per week based on 5 year contract hire with 500 hours usage per annum.

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The versatile EFG model range

Advantages of the EFG electric counterbalance with Lithium-ion:

Efficient: Maximum performance at minimum energy consumption. Our unique PURE ENERGY concept.
Ergonomic: Perfect seating comfort, best all-round visibility, intuitive adjustment and operating options.
Safe: Numerous assistance systems safeguard people, load and storage facility.
Future-proof: Technology for faster charging, zero maintenance and a long life with 5-year warranty.
Ease of use: Easily and quickly replace in any EFG thanks to identical battery size.

Simply replace and enjoy the benefits 

The Li-ion replacement program.

Do you have EFG trucks with Lead-acid batteries and you want to upgrade to the future-proof Li-ion technology today rather than tomorrow? Then you can simply replace your fleet with our Li-ion power. With the Jungheinrich Li-Ion replacement concept, we can offer you exactly this service. Thanks to the identical battery size, you can quickly and easily increase the performance of your EFG trucks. Thus, you profit instantly and effortlessly from all the advantages of the intelligent and maintenance-free Li-ion technology.

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20% Increase on our buy-back trade in cost with our EFG offer*

* Applies to non-Jungheinrich traded-in before 01.09.2017

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Options to make your business more efficient.

With the Jungheinrich EFG electric counterbalance there are 2 battery power options, Lithium-ion or Lead acid. Read more about our Lead-acid power and how you can achieve consecutive shifts with one charge.

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