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Making lost luggage a thing of the past

GROUNDSTARS optimises airport baggage handling with our tow tractors

The Hamburg Airport subsidiary GROUNDSTARS ensures that all baggage gets to the right plane on time – a significant logistical challenge that is mastered with the aid of our EZS 570 tow tractors. In the "belly" of the airport, they tow the luggage trolleys to various destinations.

In the belly of the airport

Some ten million suitcases, bags and other pieces of luggage pass through Hamburg Airport every year. Ably assisted by four of our industrial trucks, the GROUNDSTARS staff ensure that all luggage reaches its intended destination without being lost.

Andreas Gniech
Group manager for technical services at GROUNDSTARS GROUNDSTARS

"Jungheinrich tow tractors have more power."

Flexible all-rounders for airport logistics

The EZS 570 tow tractors tackle this task with maximum performance and the utmost flexibility: They tow the loaded transport carts from their boxes and park them next to the access route for pick-up. They can drag empty or laden trailers to drop-off points or transport luggage from a recently arrived plane directly to the baggage carousels. When travelling to the outside drop-off points, the EZS 570 handle uneven or sloping surfaces both safely and, thanks to spring-loaded wheels, comfortably. They also negotiate inclines with ease: "The Jungheinrich tow tractors have more power than those of other suppliers and therefore make light work of the inclines", states Andreas Gniech, group manager for technical services at GROUNDSTARS.

Energy-efficient tow tractors with power to spare

The EZS 570 tow tractors can haul loads weighing up to 7000 kilogrammes, spread across multiple interconnected trailers. And in doing so they can reach a top speed of 8.5 kilometres per hour. This is thanks to the 3-phase AC technology of the 48 V drive motor, which offers powerful acceleration even when fully loaded. The tow tractors match this power with excellent energy efficiency. "Another advantage of the tow tractors is that we can charge the built-in battery without opening the panel. This time-saving feature has proved very popular among our drivers. In addition, the batteries last long enough to cover the entire fifteen hours of our two daily shifts, without needing to be recharged", states a delighted Gniech. And he continues: "The Jungheinrich tow tractors represent an ideal alternative to the devices produced by another manufacturer that we used to use exclusively. In our eyes, the main advantages of the EZS 570 are the excellent impact protection, the reversing button and the greater performance, which is very welcome on inclines. We are also impressed by the compactness of these tow tractors."

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