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The art of maximising warehouse capacity by Downton.

Downton Ltd. is a leading independent logistics firm which operates out of 16 major distribution hubs across the UK. For one of its major clients, a manufacturer of household appliances, Downton provided a new spares outlet in collaboration with Jungheinrich.


  • Create a new spares outlet to establish additional capacity.
  • Build a racking and warehouse management solution.
  • Streamline the preparation of outbound loads.
  • Work with floor design engineers due to multiple floor joints.


  • Very narrow aisle pallet racking installed with capacity for 16,000 pallets.
  • VNA specialist trucks supplied.
  • Wider aisle racking installed with enough space for two trucks.
  • Storage capacity of up to 10,000 pallets provided for fast moving goods.


  • Maximised warehouse capacity. 
  • Increased throughput.
  • Most effective use of space.
  • Streamlined processes. 

Downton in a nutshell:

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