Stage Automatisches Kleinteilelager
Maximum goods throughput thanks to maximum speed

Automated pallet warehouse

With heights of up to 45 metres and configured as integrated or free-standing silo stores, automatic pallet warehouses are ideal for goods storage with high throughput performance. The main advantage is that you can fully exploit the available storage space.

Enhance your performance with automatic pallet warehouses

Speed and efficiency are key when it comes to achieving maximum goods turnover. Automatic pallet warehouses and automatic loading systems represent an ideal solution when large quantities of goods need to be stored and handled in multi-shift operations (up to 24/7). Since automatic loading systems can take the form of integrated or free-standing silo stores with heights of up to 45 metres, automatic pallet warehouses enable maximum utilisation of the available space. The storage locations for pallets, lattice boxes and individual carrier systems can accommodate loads of up to 7500 kilogrammes.  In single-, double- or multi-depth configuration, these warehouses are suitable for virtually all types of goods. The storage environment can take the form of a normal temperature or temperature-controlled warehouse or a cold store down to -35°C.

Scalable thanks to broad automation portfolio

Automatic pallet warehouses and automatic loading systems are as individual as your requirements. That is why we provide you with a wide range of automation solutions. This includes automated guided vehicles (AGVs), which transport loads weighing up to 2.5 tons to the designated stations safely, fully automatically and, thanks to laser navigation, with millimetre precision. You can use AGVs in your automatic pallet warehouse either as a stand-alone solution or in combination with other automation components and in conjunction with your IT landscape.

We also offer automatic high-bay warehouses with our own pallet rack operating equipment. In this case, you can choose between a wide range of load handlers and special solutions, which are designed to offer the same outstanding performance as our rack operating equipment. With these products, you can achieve travel speeds up to 240 m/min and lift speeds up to 100 m/min in your automatic pallet warehouse. You can use our automation components either individually or as a complete system – including our Jungheinrich WMS control systems and our award-winning Jungheinrich Logistics Interface. If required, we can also supply additional peripheral devices and components such as racks, lift tables and storage equipment.

One-stop shop for your automatic pallet warehouse

Regardless of whether your focus is on incoming or outgoing goods, on rack systems, diverse stations or conveyors: We are happy to analyse your individual transport structures to identify the perfect solution with which to optimise your processes. And we will work with you to plan the best possible application of your automatic pallet warehouse. In the face of ongoing automation, you can retain full flexibility with our EKXa and ETXa high-rack stackers. This enables gradual implementation of your automation solution by selecting between manual, semi-automated or fully automatic mode.

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