Stage ERE 225a

Automated pallet truck 2.5t

  • 122 - 122 mm
  • 2500 - 2500 kg
  • High capacity
  • Optimized transport routes
  • Utilisation of existing routes
  • Short payback period thanks to process optimisation
  • Precise pallet handling thanks to laser navigation

ERE 225a

Our advanced and efficient ERE 225a is an Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGV-S) based on our standard trucks in order to sustainably optimise your warehouse processes. Automation is particularly feasible when used for consistent, recurring transport tasks. The automated pallet truck convinces with its future-proof navigation components, sophisticated safety features and powerful three-phase AC drive technology. A robust design, variable fork lengths and high load capacities of up to 2,500 kg enable efficient and ergonomic operations on long-haul routes as well as multi-pallet transport. Our AGVs are piloted by laser navigation using reflectors installed on the ground, allowing for extremely precise positioning that is accurate to the millimetre. Whether in mixed operations, integrated into an existing factory structure or as a stand-alone solution – the modular system allows flexible adaptation to changing warehouse requirements.


Using our lithium-ion technology, you will easily outrun the competition: lasting performance, fast charging times and zero maintenance. Choose the full li-ion power with our 6-month satisfaction guarantee as well as our 5-year guarantee on your li-ion battery.


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