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Electric forklifts

Electric forklift trucks – agile and powerful

With our agile electric forklift trucks, you can maximise your throughput performance in narrow-aisle warehouses. 3-phase AC motors combine impressive performance with minimal consumption. You also have the choice between innovative Li-ion technology or tried-and-tested lead-acid batteries.

Our agile electric forklift trucks shine in warehouses offering little room to manoeuvre. Thanks to their small and compact design, these trucks can easily navigate even the narrowest of aisles. The trucks are most at home on level indoor floors, but can also handle outdoor applications with ease. As a further benefit, the mast of the electric forklift trucks is ideal for both racking and stacking and can reach lift heights ranging from 2300 to 7500 millimetres. The capacity of the trucks is up to five tons. In daily use, your drivers will enjoy the many benefits offered by our electric forklifts, including extra seat comfort, a perfect all-round view and comprehensive assistance systems to protect the operator, load and warehouse.

Electric forklift trucks with 3-phase AC technology

Our innovative 3-phase AC technology also delivers a number of advantages. It ensures dynamic handling and maximum throughput performance, even under heavy loads. And increased performance does not necessarily mean greater consumption: Thanks to regenerative braking, for instance, 30 percent of the energy is fed back into the battery. This welcome energy boost allows our electric forklift trucks to complete even more work on a single charge. Our 3-phase AC motors also require very little maintenance, thus lowering your operating costs.

Batteries for electric forklift trucks

The right battery for your electric forklift truck depends on your individual requirements. Our pioneering lithium-ion technology offers rapid charging times and requires virtually zero maintenance. Moreover, our lithium-ion batteries last up to three times longer than conventional batteries. If you already have one of our electric forklift trucks, it can be easily retrofitted with lithium-ion power.

Our tried-and-tested lead-acid batteries on the other hand, are all about stamina. With these batteries, you benefit from our 2Shifts1Charge guarantee, which is unrivalled in the logistics sector: Our electric counterbalance trucks can complete two consecutive shifts without the need for battery replacement or top-up charging. This saves you time, energy and costs.

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Efficiency is a three-letter word: EFG.

Fitted with the latest 3-phase AC motors and our innovative energy concept PURE ENERGY,
our maneuverable and versatile electric counterbalance trucks ensure maximum performance
at minimum energy consumption.
Whether you choose the innovative li-ion technology or our proven standard lead-acid battery – with our EFG, you save costs in the long term, whilst rendering your warehouse operations even more efficient.

Overview of your EFG advantages:

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Efficiency Up. Costs Down.

With Jungheinrich li-ion technology, you will easily leave your competition behind: Maximum performance at up to 20 % less energy consumption.

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Energy efficiency made by Jungheinrich: The EFG with li-ion technology.

Leaders must lead. And that is what we do with our combination of the efficient li-ion technology and
our versatile EFG models. As the only intralogistics service provider, Jungheinrich develops and produces in-house: from li-ion energy storage to charger. This way, we make sure that the battery communicates perfectly with the truck as well as with the charger. The optimal connection between all components ensures a long life and low costs for your EFGs with li-ion technology.

Change today and profit from the full power of our EFGs with li-ion technology! Choose the buy or rent option and secure the innovative and highly efficient li-ion technology for your business.

As the intralogistics expert with the largest EFG with LI-ION presentation fleet, you are very welcome to come by and put the advantages of our li-ion technology to the test.

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Power Up. Expenses Down.

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Two shifts with only one battery charge. With our 2Shifts1Charge promise you get more power from the proven standard with lead-acid batteries.

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Two shifts – no battery change: The EFG with lead-acid batteries.

You prefer to continue using the proven standard lead-acid battery? Then the Jungheinrich EFG 2Shifts1Charge promise is the perfect solution for you. Fitted with the latest 3-phase AC motors and our innovative PureEnergy concept, our EFGs manage two shifts in one go without having to change or recharge the battery in-between. You save valuable time as well as valuable energy, whilst lowering your operating costs at the same time. Get your proven specialist for durability and profit from 16 uninterrupted hours of EFG power.

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