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Diesel Forklifts

Stronger on balance - our latest diesel/LPG counterbalance trucks.

Our diesel forklift trucks offer the perfect combination of power and capacity. They can carry loads ranging from 1.6 to 5 tons, while ensuring rapid turnaround and the utmost efficiency in your warehouse or production facility.

The dynamic Series 3s and 4s forklifts are robust in every way: Unrivalled for manoeuvrability, whether making quick changes of direction, dynamic acceleration, rapid reversing or precise positioning - the modern drive technology guarantees maximum driving comfort and highest throughput.

Ideal for outdoor use: 

If your operation involves a lot of outside driving, then we recommend our trucks with combustion engines - in diesel or LPG form. These offer reliable performance even in wet environments and on uneven surfaces. If you require more power for indoor applications, a combustion truck can still be an excellent choice.

Depending on the model, these powerhouses can handle loads weighing up to 5 tons. You also have the option of adding a comfortable driver’s module that can be rotated by 180 degrees. This makes it easier to manoeuvre in narrow aisles and with reverse travel. Handling is simple and the diesel forklift trucks can be refuelled in a matter of minutes.

VFG Outdoor Forklift

Powerful engines for greater performance with lower consumption

The powerplants in our diesel trucks are extremely durable. These engines have been thoroughly tested in large-scale production in the automotive industry. They deliver high torque at low speeds, making them ideal for daily use in your warehouse or production facility. The combination of this modern engine technology and Jungheinrich’s own system software makes these trucks highly energy-efficient. They are characterised by outstanding fuel consumption and extremely low emission values: and noise levels.

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The updated VFG: Diesel Forklift Innovation

VW Common Rail diesel engines as standard.

The Series 4 trucks have a choice of two engine power outputs and should be chosen according to the operation’s demands and lifting requirements, whether options such as air conditioning is needed.

Common Rail Diesel engine

New lever operating concept and comfort enhancements.

With the introduction of the new duoPILOT Jungheinrich now offers a choice of 3 lever options for counterbalanced trucks - soloPILOT, multiPILOT and duoPILOT. Together with the in-built operating modes which allow pre-set truck parameters to be established for accelerating/braking and mast hydraulics, precise control is a push-button away. 

Other enhancements include the premium operator‘s compartment, featuring better ergonomics and high operator comfort. The compartment features a new steering column with memory-function, new armrest storage bin with integrated USB charging, and floating cab with an unobstructed glass roof for the best possible 360° visibility.

New Duo-pilot

New compact mast for improved visibility.

Compact nesting of the profiles optimised hose and chain guidance, and two patented cut-outs in the crossbar mean that the field of vision is enlarged up to 85%. This improves driving and load visibility and ultimately safety for both driver and pedestrians.

VFG Visibility

  • Consistent, robust and reliable in the most challenging conditions
  • Exceptional visibility gives the driver excellent views of the load and the operating environment
  • High level of service
  • On-site repair
  • High degree of operational safety due to the extremely low inherent centre of gravity and high pivot steer axle
  • Dynamic acceleration, fast reversing and precision driving

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VFG Drive Characteristics

Maximum driving comfort and highest throughput.

With five operating programmes and a workstation that satisfies ergonomic and personal demands, working with these reliable forklift trucks is easy and convenient.

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Rapid acceleration and change of direction
  • Fast reversing and precise travel with short, sharp shuttle runs
  • Working on ramps or gradients with automatic parking brake
  • Tough, indestructible transmission with fewer mechanical components requiring minimal maintenance
  • Maximum throughput combined with low consumption and CO2 output


Safety and assistance systems.

A key feature of this truck is the automatic parking brake that ensures no uncontrolled roll-back on ramps or inclines, even with the engine switched off. This allows for much faster, easier and safer working, including on uneven ground.

Excellent stability is engineered into the range, due to a combination of an extremely low inherent centre of gravity and a high pivot steer axle resulting in reduced oscillation. By design, lateral stability is actively improved for increased safety without additional electronics.

Increased visibility via the improved damping on the mast and tilt cylinders gives you far better handling safety.

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Hydrodynamic forklift

A forklift truck for every need.

Jungheinrich counterbalance trucks offer both powerful performance and genuine cost-effectiveness. They are extremely manoeuvrable and transport goods reliably, both indoors and outdoors.

They handle heavy loads of up to five tons with ease. Our latest generation of diesel forklift trucks, such as the DFG 425s/430s/435s will help you benefit from their inherent agility and operational refinements.

Reap the benefits of the refined DFG in your operation!

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FAQs for our diesel forklifts:

Diesel forklifts with hydrostatic drive – for reversing operation.

Diesel forklifts with a hydrostatic drive provide the best driving dynamics and have infinitely adjustable power transmission. The fast acceleration, responsive brakes and accurate steering make the hydrostatic diesel forklift an efficient piece of equipment for reversing. With five working and driving programmes, the hydrostatic drive can also be adjusted depending on different operating conditions. These diesel forklifts are particularly low-maintenance since our hydrostatic drive works with just a few mechanical components. An example of this is the oil-immersed multi-disc parking brakes, which are installed as a low-maintenance closed system. Hydraulic oil filtering ensures a longer service life for all diesel forklift components . A design with a hydrodynamic drive is available for diesel forklifts deployed on longer routes.

While a forklift with a hydrostatic drive is perfect for reversing operation, the diesel forklift with a hydrodynamic drive works at maximum power, making it ideal for cargo transportation on medium and longer routes. The engine’s torque converter enables smooth start-up and optimum efficiency at medium to high speeds.

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