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Gas and diesel counterbalance trucks

Energy solutions to meet your material needs.

Premium counterbalance trucks.

We want to make your choice of counterbalance truck easier, so you can get on and do more, in less time, using less energy. Our market leading energy solutions give you power and drive options to suit any application and budget. An energy consultation with Jungheinrich will ensure you have a future proof solution for your business and growing fleet.

Is your current counterbalance truck ideal for application?

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Could you benefit from converting to an electric counterbalance truck?

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Or concider our special trade-in offer…

20% Increase on our buy-back trade-in cost with our EFG offer*

*Applies to non-Jungheinrich trucks traded in before 01.09.2017

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By trading in any non-Jungheinrich trucks counterbalance forklift truck in your fleet, we will give you an extra 20% on our standard ‘buy-back’ value, enabling you to take advantage of our market leading EFG electric forklift truck. With 2 choices of electric power you can start to take advantage of increased efficiency and performance with minimum energy consumption.

Keeping you moving

The future proof IC enginge truck with hydrostatic drive. 

From £15.440* or £75 per week**

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this truck ist quick an agile, making changes in direction a breeze. It has many characteristics of an electric truck with fast reversing and dynamic acceleration and has five operating programs so it can be adapted specifically for your application. 

Key advantages:

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Rapid acceleration, fast reversing an precise travel
  • Short, sharp shuttle runs
  • Working on ramps or gradients with automatic parking brake
  • Maximum throughput combined with low consumption & CO2 output

* Basic truck and mast specification. 
** Price per week based on 5 year contract hire with 500 hours usage per annum.

hydrostaticDRIVE for maximum performance and efficiency

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Got to the distance

IC forklift with torque converter drive.

From £13.418* or £64 per week**

Key advantages:

  • Our rugged torque converter forklifts deliver high performance and reliability for all outdoor tasks and is especially effective working at medium to long-distances 
  • Powerful, robust and efficient Kubota engine
  • Suited to outdoor use
  • Transporting over larger distances
  • Tough, rugged applications
  • Simple maintenance 
  • Ergonomic operator workstation
  • Reliable, heavy-duty electrical equipment
  • Perfectly synchronized components & a high-performance cooler system
  • Unique counterbalance design with an optimum load centre distance
  • Lower initial cost outlay

* Basic truck and mast specification. 
** Price per week based on 5 year contract hire with 500 hours usage per annum.

Drive axle with maintenance-free wet-disc brake

Torque converter drive - Enquire now 

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Purchase or rent?

We can offer our torque converter trucks on a short term rental basis, enabling you to experience how incredibly they perform without initial commitment to purchase.

Are you ready to Power Buy the Hour?

Fully flexible with fantastic availability, our Power Buy the Hour rental packages mean you can easily move up and down the price banding by only paying for your usage depending on your own ever-changing site requirements. Simply select your truck, an hour package that suits you and your application on site. Ensure you’re always up to speed by monitoring your vehicle usage with our brand new Power Buy the Hour app. Our new revolutionary Power Buy the Hour rental contracts for IC trucks are available on all models from 1.6 to 3.0 ton capacity.

Let us help you decide which truck is right for you

Jungheinrich’s highly experienced Area Sales Managers provide a free consultation service, giving you the support and insight required to make an informed decision. We will review your fleets current energy usage, gauging efficiency and performance and guiding you to the right counterbalance truck for your business.

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