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Stage Wohlthat Entertainment
Our trucks on the Berlin Party Mile

Wohlthat Entertainment uses our rental trucks

Berlin-based Wohlthat Entertainment GmbH organises events across Germany that set new standards. This includes Europe’s biggest New Year party at the Brandenburg Gate, for which the company leases fork lift trucks from us.

Renting trucks instead of buying

The professional events organisers at Wohlthat Entertainment regularly require rental trucks to realise major events. One example is the 2013/2014 party at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

“We built stages, video walls, media centres, party tents, and food and drinks stands on an events area totalling 80,000 square metres”, says Jens Meinecke, technical project manager at Wohlthat Entertainment. “Furthermore, we also staged light and laser shows as well as a spectacular fireworks display.”

The mega event at the Brandenburg Gate attracts guests from all over the world every year. These include around 500 national and international journalists as well as 350 TV channels. The Berlin-based company does take the purchase of forklift trucks for such major events lightly. For this reason, they have relied on our rental trucks for more than ten years and around 140 projects.

Jens Meinecke
Technical project manager at Wohlthat Entertainment

“User-friendliness is also important, because our employees aren't accustomed to working with these trucks on a daily basis.”

Our forklift trucks are all-rounders in all trades

Wohlthat Entertainment uses DFG 430 and DFG 550 forklift trucks for erecting stages and technical equipment. A total of eight diesel fork lift trucks made up the fleet for the New Year party. In addition, we also provided two telescopic work platforms with an extending height of 28 metres, two truck-mounted platforms of 35 metres, and one of 84 metres. This also included several scissor lifts.

Wohlthat Entertainment used our trucks for every purpose and application, making it easy to set up for the event. For example, our trucks transported stage materials including sound and light equipment as well as beverages. The trucks also provided support for clean-up tasks. The work platforms are also used during the show as fixed or portable camera platforms as well as being required before and after the show, assembling or dismantling lights, sound, stages, cables, and signs.

High-performance, flexible, reliable - and safe

Jens Meinecke says: "Many of our tasks require trucks. The trucks should therefore be efficient, flexible and reliable. User-friendliness is also important, because our employees aren't accustomed to working with these trucks on a daily basis. A fundamental reason for renting from Jungheinrich is the high level of safety and reliability of their rental trucks."

Whilst working together, we and Wohlthat Entertainment have successfully completed about 140 projects. The New Year’s party alone, an event for which the Wohlthat professionals have been regularly requested, has been carried out ten times with our equipment.

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