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Attractive rental offer for fork lift trucks

Rental trucks in seasonal use at Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo

Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo is the biggest wine producer in the world. During high season, the Italian co-operative relies on our supply of fork lift trucks to enable them to move thousands of vines every day.

Wine making - a seasonal business

Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo (VCR) a company based in northern Italy near Pordenone, is organised as a co-operative. Every year, VCR grafts more than 50 million vines, delivering them to vineyards all over the world.

The high season for VCR is always between November and May. During this period VCR employs up to 1,000 staff for grafting individual grape varieties - and logistical operations are at full capacity. Arriving vines are unloaded and those intended for storage must be transported into the cold stores. Plants for delivery must be prepared and packaged before they are dispatched.

The co-operative did not want to purchase additional fork lift trucks to cover this peak phase lasting several months. A flexible rental offer was more attractive.

Greater flexibility via rental trucks

During this period, VCR regularly rents an additional half a dozen trucks to reliably overcome the logistical challenges they face. As the company is aware of its peak times which recur every year, we were able to make a particularly attractive offer. According to VCR it was the best on the market by some distance.

The trucks used at VCR are mainly EFG 320 electric counterbalance trucks. In one journey, they are able to transport two large iron pallets carrying up to 10 000 vines – and they can do this for ten or more hours a day.

Compelling, right down to the smallest detail

The main criteria for renting trucks were the maximum load capacity and battery output, both of which were key to the final decision. Also key was the fact that no battery charging was required during a shift. We could ensure that the trucks would work on one charge per day.

Not least, the EFG 320 is a very robust and compact truck. This means that VCR staff can also work very efficiently in the small VCR cold stores. Additional small details such as excellent tyre grip make the EFG 320 an excellent choice. The trucks being used at VCR need outstanding tyres with good traction as the floor is always wet from the plants being transported. This feature is also always covered with our trucks.

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