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Stage Case Study UVEX
Greater flexibility and maximum availability

AGVs for the dispatch of the UVEX SAFETY Logistics GmbH

UVEX SAFETY Logistics GmbH in Schwabach has been a logistics service provider exclusively for the UVEX GROUP since 2008.

The old system was reaching its limits

The Schwabach logistics service provider already had two Automated Guided Vehicles from another supplier in the dispatch department. Both were equipped with two roller conveyors. The disadvantage of the wire-guided trucks was their defined routes, which could only have been changed at high cost. Apart from that, there were only two drop-off stations. Given these restrictions, the company would soon have reached its limits due to its growing transport volume.

Dieter Kalb
Managing Director of UVEX SAFETY Logistics GmbH

“The system works smoothly and there is no downtime because the ERC 215a achieve almost 100% availability.”

More flexible at all levels 

The Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) supplied by Jungheinrich use laser navigation instead of wire guidance. This allows the vehicles to be integrated into an existing infrastructure without requiring ground work. An advantage that above all helps to set up more sources, drop-off stations and routes quickly and easily. In addition, the vehicles have forks. It is therefore possible for the vehicles to pick up pallets both from the conveyor systems and from the ground level and dispense the pallets at different heights.

Smooth operation

The two AGVs ERC 215a supply dispatch via a total of approx. 150 m long transport routes. Depending on the destination, the route leads directly to the dispatch department or to a narrow aisle warehouse. With the aid of laser navigation and reflectors mounted on walls and racks, the ERC 215a can complete its transport orders and set the load carriers down with precision accuracy. "Jungheinrich met all of our expectations. The system works smoothly and there is no downtime because the ERC 215a achieve almost 100% availability," says Dieter Kalb. 

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