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Cooling, storing and delivering efficiently

Universal Services receives a new cold store truck

"No experiments" is the motto of the Russian logistics services provider Universal Services, particularly with regard to storing frozen meat. They weren’t just convinced by our long-standing partnership, but also due to our on-site experts.

Cold store truck with intelligence

“Handling poly block pallets is a major challenge” knows Michail Lyubovich, owner of Universal Services, “A standard rack that is set up for three pallets only has space for two poly block pallets. For this reason we decided to construct a specially-designed cold store truck on this site for such pallets.” Consistently excellent co-operation led Universal Services to choose us for what Lyubovich was “an immensely important order for us”.

One key benefit of the compact storage system is clear: It saves on space as there are no aisles. We also added additional features to the warehouse. In order to store the palletised goods efficiently, an under pallet carrier optimises logistics within the warehouse. “The carrier is held on the forks of one of the two reach trucks in use, then inserted into the pallet channel”, says Alexei Vershynin, systems manager with Jungheinrich in Russia, when explaining how the shuttle works. This means that the carrier can independently move below the pallet and even carry out travel operations by itself. Also, the shuttle does not just store items, but can also move the pallet that should be dispatched to the front. With a channel depth of up to 20 pallets, Universal Services can pile things high: up to 9,000 pallets each with a capacity of 1,300 kilograms.

Michail Lyubovich
CEO of Universal Services

"We couldn't afford to experiment here!”

Software tuning of channels

Digital sensors also monitor the incoming goods. The scanned pallets are automatically registered in the warehouse management system and assigned to a channel. Every channel also has an RFID tag to check whether the channel in question is the correct one and that a shuttle is ready. “Storage errors are practically impossible” says Lyubovich, making one of the many benefits of the intelligent compact storage systems clear. This means Universal Services can ensure an efficient and smooth material flow.

Order more than completed

“No experiments” emphasised Lyubovich beforehand. Our answer was a space-saving cold store truck, a compact drive-in warehouse system and associated shuttle. This didn’t just satisfy client requirements but surpassed them - without experiments but with a lot of consultation and expertise.

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