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Process optimisation at the market leader in paint

Digital warehouse management means an end to paperwork at Synthesa Chemie

Synthesa Chemie is the market leader for manufacturing paints in Austria, and has reliably served its clients for over 70 years. Introduction of our Warehouse Management System ensured, via its central stock control in real time, for an increase in output and also in stock accuracy.

WMS replaces paper-based warehouse management

With approximately 700 employees, the chemicals company Synthesa in Perg, Upper Austria, generates turnover of over €170 million. Continuous growth, expansion of the production and branch networks, and the range of different products, production and storage processes meant that paper-based warehouse management was stretched to its limits. The market leader in paints in Austria found a solution that adapted to the individual company processes: our Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Digitalisation of warehouse management now ensures an efficient supply of production and of goods outward from all warehouse areas. In addition, the WMS provides an overview of order statuses and warehouse stocks in real time across Austria. Greater flexibility is also achieved in satisfying requirements of individual end customers as well as improved process security and efficiency. For more than 70 years, the company Synthesa Chemie GmbH has been developing, producing and distributing paints, varnishes, glazes, construction chemicals and materials for façade and insulation technology.

Alfred Palkoska
IT manager of Synthesa Chemie GmbH

"It was very important for us that the software adapts to the processes and special requirements of our company – and not vice versa."

Re-designed warehouse processes

The various different products and production processes at the different locations led to extremely varied warehouse processes. In addition, some of the products manufactured by Synthesa are declared as being hazardous goods, meaning that adherence to legal guidelines regarding handling and storage must also be ensured. Introduction of the WMS aided in redesigning warehouse processes, better utilising available warehouse capacities, and increasing process security. Digital warehouse management now helps in handling short-notice customer orders and order handling. At the same time, the high level of flexibility of a manual warehouse is preserved.

Due to our WMS, both production and goods outward at Synthesa are efficiently supplied from pallet drive-through racking, block warehouse areas, and innovative warehouse technology such as the Jungheinrich LRK. Seamless traceability of all goods inward and outward in the warehouse is possible in real time with the radio terminal featuring an integrated barcode scanner and charge module. At the same time, the WMS ensures that hazardous goods are safely stored via definition of storage criteria and dependency between individual materials.

Fulfil spontaneous client requirements

The multi-warehouse module implemented in WMS allows for the desired overview of all warehouse locations: Both production plants and subsidiaries, as well as the relevant inventory stocks and orders are now shown within a system. Alfred Palkoska, IT manager of Synthesa Chemie GmbH, is very pleased. “Working with the WMS was easily learned by our 330 staff. We succeeded in optimising our warehouse, putting an end to paperwork, and in increasing our output considerably at all 12 locations. At the same time, the flexibility of the system allows us to react quickly to customer wishes, such as immediate pick-up from the site.”

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