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Warehouse logistics ensures smooth operations

Pilatus Getränke relies on Jungheinrich fork lift trucks and service

The Swiss drinks supermarket was looking for efficient technology for high-performance warehouse logistics. Our trucks impressed in a field test - as did our customer service. As a result, we received an order for 38 fork lift trucks and the service contract.

Customers expect fast deliveries

Pilatus Getränke AG is a beverage supplier and cash-and-carry for catering and private customers. It offers a wide range of products and operates an in-house press. The company must be able to rely on one thing above all else: Logistics in production, the warehouse, and delivery where the workflow harmonises perfectly. The parent company, based in Alpnach, Switzerland, dispatches around 150 pallets per day. Over 2,000 products are available directly in the warehouse. The roughly 30 staff have correspondingly high expectations of their new fork lift trucks. “Our customers depend on us and on punctual deliveries”, explains Pilatus CEO Josef Bucher. “Our fork lift trucks must work, and the goods must move effectively in the warehouse. My team knows what’s what“.

Josef Bucher
CEO of Pilatus Getränke

“Jungheinrich was impressive on all counts. Everything is excellent from the product to the advice offered.”

Order for the most efficient fork lift truck

Efficient and flexible fork lift trucks - that’s what the Swiss team want. A field test was carried out to decide which fork lift trucks would be purchased. We convinced the staff with our test experiences across the board in this trial run. All models used were characterised by their speed, efficiency, and perfect handling. Pilatus Getränke ordered a total of 38 fork lift trucks that were tailored to the precise requirements of the site and to client needs.

33 pallet trucks have been the core of the Pilatus truck fleet since then. They flexibly serve all routes in the hall - from short trips in pedestrian mode to long trips in rider mode. More intensive orders are handled by three high-performance and efficient EJC 216 stackers with their great lift heights and residual capacities. The main role for heavy loads and large volumes in the warehouse and yard is covered by two high-traction EFG electric fork lift trucks.

38 fork lift trucks plus a service contract

We also proved our worth with another additional benefit - our comprehensive after sales service. Pilatus decided on a full service agreement for all fork lift trucks. It covers maintenance, repairs, spare parts, security checks, and much more for a flat monthly charge. Our service is therefore responsible for all cost management and for planning maintenance. The costs for the clients are long-term and easy to calculate. Furthermore, the Pilatus team does not have to carry out any servicing and maintenance activities.

Pilatus CEO Josef Bucher happily states: “Jungheinrich was impressive on all counts. Everything is excellent from the product to the advice offered. The handling of the forklift trucks in the warehouse and the synergy between the contacts must be good. As a general provider of intralogistics services, Jungheinrich is a partner that will support us with expertise in our long-term development.”

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