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Lower emissions due using LPG powered fork lifts

For ecological and economic reasons, Pavatex now uses LPG fork lift trucks

The Pavatex Group, in Switzerland, is a leading manufacturer of wood-fibre insulation boards for buildings. Since our LPG fork lift trucks have been used in their main facility, annual operating costs have fallen by around 50 percent. However, this switch does not just have a business aspect.

Sustainably managed company

Pavatex has been a pioneer in its industry since its foundation in 1936. Those who use Pavatex products to insulate buildings combine comfortable living with environmental protection. Wood-fibre insulation boards reduce energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions, and absorb carbon, which is harmful to the climate. The company tries to act as environmentally friendly as possible when producing and transporting its products. It was for this reason that a decision was made to replace diesel fork lift trucks with LPG fork lift trucks and to install an on-site gas filling station. As there are no suppliers for LPG fork lift trucks in Switzerland, the need for a pioneering manufacturer became apparent.

Martin Anker
Head of Procurement in the Pavatex Group

“Collaboration with Jungheinrich is excellent. We receive competent, quick support from our contact partners both in the sales and after sales service teams.”

Economic and ecological goals achieved

The first LPG fork lift trucks for Switzerland along with the infrastructure was developed in close collaboration between our plant in Moosburg, Pavatex, and Vitogaz Switzerland. In this case the focus was on satisfying all ecological and economic requirements requested by the customer as well as ensuring all desired performance aspects were achieved. Initially, Pavatex used our TFG 425s LPG fork lift trucks, then later moved to the TFG 435s. Its hydrodynamic drive enabled high throughput performance on transportation tasks over medium and longer distances. Its large industrial motors generate high torque even at lower speeds, meaning less noise and lower fuel consumption.

Pavatex was not just extremely satisfied with the fact that the operating costs for its truck fleet were halved. The Eco-balance at the Cham site has also improved greatly due to the fall in carbon dioxide emissions, as all our fork lift trucks are characterised by their high level of energy efficiency.

Doubts dispelled

Martin Anker is head of procurement at Pavatex. He can remember the changeover: “Our staff had reservations at first”, he says. “With 1,800 operating hours per year, they are out and about with the trucks for the duration of the entire shift. The handling and the work area in the fork lift truck must be fit for purpose. In addition, we also have a lot of dust in the production area, which the fork lift trucks have to withstand for years. We ensured that the staff were involved, making use of their experiences from day-to-day use to ensure results.”

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