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Stage Natursteinwerk Borst
Safe transport across demanding terrain

Natursteinwerk Borst places trust in DFG 425

Natursteinwerk Borst in Lower Franconia works with the shell limestone typical of the region. Yet the terrain on the site grounds is akin to that of an off-road rally. Despite these demanding conditions, our DFG 425 diesel forklift truck transports the valuable rocks safely from A to B.

Diesel truck shines in tough conditions

Since 1946, Natursteinwerk Borst, a natural stone works in Kirchheim by Würzburg, has been processing the shell limestone typical of the Lower Franconia region. Most of the work takes place outside, where the weather can frequently change the site premises from a dusty desert into a marshy swampland. The logistics process is further hindered by large boulders, uneven surfaces and potholes. To master these challenges, Borst has been relying on our DFG 425 diesel forklift truck since 2013.

Jochen Statt
Production manager at Natursteinwerk Borst

"We place high demands on the DFG 425. But it works just as well in high summer temperatures as it does in the rain."

All-weather truck for any terrain

"We place high demands on the forklift truck. But it works just as well in high summer temperatures as it does in the rain", states Jochen Statt, production manager of Natursteinwerk Borst in his appreciation for the DFG 425. This all-weather capability is enabled by a high-performance cooling system and the innovative axle, which features an integrated wet disk brake system. The electronic components are thus fully protected against dust, mud and water. The all-terrain truck handles the demanding surfaces in the natural stone works with aplomb. Every day, it transports up to twenty tons of rock safely over potholes, over inclines and through narrow warehouse aisles.

All the while, the operators can enjoy utmost comfort thanks to excellent damping and shock absorption. And although robustness and reliability are essential requirements at Natursteinwerk Borst, the diesel truck also impresses with its cost-effectiveness: It produces significantly lower energy, operating and service costs than comparable models and is also extremely durable.

Efficient and economical

At the Borst natural stone works, the DFG 425 has provided an effective basis for enhanced throughput performance and productivity. Production manager Jochen Statt cannot do much about the on-site terrain, but it is no longer causing him any problems thanks to his new off-road specialist. "I can drive the truck over potholes, through puddles and around corners without concern." The forklift truck's mastery of the demanding conditions allows Jochen Statt to cover ground much more quickly, and he also appreciates its compact design. "When loading and unloading, the truck really demonstrates how compact and manoeuvrable it is. This is particularly beneficial inside our buildings and the confined storage areas where we keep our palletised end product."

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