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Stage Logistik Center Nuss
Greater flexibility

Enhancing throughput performance at Logistik Center NUSS GmbH

Logistik Center NUSS GmbH boasts 22,000 square metres of storage space with 7000 pallet locations. Its services include warehousing, order picking, packaging, contract and production logistics, goods receipt processing and shipping logistics.

Efficient transport and warehouse logistics

The shipping company NUSS GmbH and Logistik Center NUSS GmbH jointly offer their customers an efficient combination of transport and warehouse logistics. The company employs 130 staff. Every day, the Logistik Center processes 15 to 30 full or partial lorry loads, encompassing everything from technical equipment to tyres and paper. The company invested in the ERE 225 electric pedestrian pallet truck to benefit from enhanced flexibility and greater throughput performance.

Wolfgang Hoffmann
Managing director of Logistik Center NUSS GmbH

"The operation of the pallet truck is very intuitive. This means it can easily be used by different employees."

Generous workplace

The robust ERE 225 is designed for loads weighing 2500 kg and can reach speeds of up to 12.5 kilometres per hour. The electric pedestrian pallet truck features 3-phase AC technology as standard. A particular highlight of this truck is its spacious workplace, which is tailored to the requirements of the operator and the various potential applications. This is highlighted by the sprung stand-on platform, as well as the raised side sections with integrated handle, which effectively protect the operator. At the heart of the ERE 225 workplace is the smartPILOT electric tiller steering. It is equipped with a height-adjustable tiller head, allowing the pallet truck to be steered with maximum precision and minimum effort. The smartPILOT also allows the operator to adopt an effective new position when reversing. He turns 90 degrees to the side and steers the pallet truck with one hand while holding on to the platform handle with the other.

Intuitive operation

In the past, NUSS used medium-sized counterbalanced trucks to load and unload lorries as well as to stack goods in the block warehouse. "When the time came for replacements for both these applications, we decided to use a smaller truck for the loading and unloading, since this would offer more flexibility", explains Volker Nuss, who manages both Logistik Center NUSS GmbH and Spedition NUSS GmbH together with Wolfgang Hoffmann. The latter is particularly impressed by the ergonomics of the ERE 225: "The operation of the pallet truck is very intuitive. This is ideal for us as it allows different employees to use the ERE 225 without the need for prior instruction." 

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