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Delivering on time despite strong demand

Logi-K relies on our fast rental truck service

As a reputable logistics company, Logi-K considers a reliable and flexible partnership, invaluable: Ours has existed since 2002, when we provided Logi-K with a high-performance fleet of pallet trucks. Even now, we help out when they are short of rental trucks.

Ready-to-use pallet trucks on “demand”

During seasonal peaks, Logi-K’s standard “fork lift truck fleet” is often insufficient. More trucks were obtained in order to maintain delivery quality. Our “substitutes”, in the form of rental trucks, then come into play: "When renting, we rely on Jungheinrich being ready to react immediately. We need a fast rental and prompt after sales service,” states Logi-K regarding the benefits of our rental service.

Robust – reliable – efficient

The ERE 225 rental trucks can carry loads up to a total weight of 2.5 tons over longer distances and therefore efficiently load and unload the Logi-K fleet of lorries. An additional benefit of the pallet trucks is their comprehensive safety. Employees can stand sideways when reversing, steering easily and accurately with one hand on the electric tiller. In curves, vehicle speed is automatically reduced with the Curve Control software we developed in-house.

Partner of trust

Logi-K is not just satisfied with a pallet truck fleet that can be readily expanded, but also with the close collaboration they get: "Jungheinrich is a reliable, flexible partner offering technical expertise and good service. It deals promptly with queries, always providing the desired result, and responds very quickly to urgent orders."

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