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Efficient warehouse management of 20,000 items

Hydrauflex relies on our Warehouse Management System

Based in Plauen, Saxony (Germany), Hydrauflex GmbH is a producer of hydraulic transmission systems. The company was seeking an optimum intralogistical solution for the efficient management of more than 20,000 stock items in over 14,000 storage locations.

Simpler processes for a complex range

With operations across Europe, Hydrauflex produces hoses and pipelines, distributors, collectors and connecting elements. On entering the production supply warehouse, the complex requirements in relation to efficient warehousing and material flow management are immediately apparent. In view of the different part sizes and replacement frequencies, the products are stored in pallet racking as well as in Lean-Lifts and modular racking systems. As the warehouses are accessed almost 118,000 times a year, Hydrauflex wanted simpler and more efficient processes in place. These needed to incorporate a reduction in error sources and better organisation of warehouse processes while simultaneously guaranteeing short access times to all components. The main goals include increasing the degree of automation and reducing the mountain of paperwork generated by the logistics processes in the warehouse.

Gert Ebersbach
Director and head of technology at Hydrauflex

"We were convinced by the product presentation and consultation. It was also important to have a complete intralogistics package from a single supplier."

Efficient control of all processes

Hydrauflex opted for a new Warehouse Management System (WMS) as the basis for the overall intralogistics solution. Combined with our holistic software solutions for warehouse navigation, this now supports all processes from goods receipt to goods dispatch. We have also implemented a new narrow-aisle warehouse and supplied several ETV 216 and EKX 513 fork lift trucks.
In addition to the standard version of the WMS, Hydrauflex also uses customer-specific adaptations, e.g. for replenishment management, which also takes into consideration outsize pallets. The WMS co-ordinates the tasks in the hose and modular racking warehouse as well as the connection of the existing six Lean-Lifts from Hänel. Along with adjustment postings, the stock-taking function also contains a control station message that provides information about the item's target and actual quantities in the event of deviating quantities.

The WMS not only manages the products within the warehouse; it also works in conjunction with the logistics interface to control the connected order-picking processes and routes for the deployed trucks. The EKX 513 high rack stacker is connected to the WMS via the logistics interface. This enables transport orders to be sent directly to the truck and executed semi-automatically via warehouse Navigation.

Complete intralogistics package from a single supplier

Why did Hydrauflex go for our solution? "We were convinced by the product presentation and consultation. Aside from that, we were able to visit a similar system and talk with the operator. It was also important to have a complete intralogistics package from a single supplier. In addition, in Plant 1 we have already had extensive positive experience of the fork lift trucks and racking systems provided by this manufacturer", explains director Gert Ebersbach.

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