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Feldschlösschen relies on us as general contractor

Feldschlösschen has its headquarters in Rheinfelden and is the leading brewery and drinks retailer in Switzerland. The company has traded since 1876, employing 1200 staff in 21 sites across Switzerland. 25,000 clients from sectors including catering and drinks retailers.

A variety of fork lift truck brands

The European Championships in Austria and Switzerland in 2008, were a stern test which the brewery passed with flying colours. Whether this would have worked ten years previously would have been questionable. At that time each of the 30 plus distribution centres had their own individual fleet of vehicles. Every depot managed their fork lift trucks themselves so that a variety of different brands were used. Topics such as service hours or budgeting could not be estimated centrally.

Thomas Stalder
Logistics manager at Feldschlösschen Getränke AG

“Jungheinrich fork lift trucks are excellent and our staff are happy to use them!”

Logistical freedom

Since 2002 around 400 of our fork lift trucks ensure efficient logistics processes at Feldschlösschen. As well as ideal purchase arrangements and short reaction times for repairs due to simple procurement of parts, ease of upgrading trucks for logistics reasons or for balancing out differences in usage levels was of paramount importance. This helped reduce costs for truck management considerably.

An additional step was the use of rental trucks for seasonal peaks, meaning that no spare vehicles had to be kept in reserve for potential failures. Lowered maintenance costs led to improved cost control.

The DFG 425s-435s proved to be extremely very efficient as they could move up to 3.5 tons of goods in one go. The hydrostatically driven fork lift trucks used in Rheinfelden demonstrate their advantages on a daily basis, particularly when reversing. In addition, the five individually adjustable work and travel programs enable performance features to be adjusted in accordance with different requirements, which can radically differ within the drinks industry.

Service and maintenance are important

At Feldschlösschen it quickly became clear that the acquisition costs of a fork lift truck only represented a portion of total costs. The total running costs of a forklift truck are more important. Not to mention what the operators think of them. “When I speak with our staff, I always get very positive feedback in this respect” explains Thomas Stalder, logistics manager of Feldschlösschen Getränke AG in Rheinfelden. “Jungheinrich fork lift trucks are excellent and our staff are happy to use them!”

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