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High throughput performance thanks to LPG trucks

LPG trucks in three-shift operation at logistics service provider Cretschmar

Cretschmar GmbH has invested in an entire fleet of LPG trucks for its Wuppertal site. The trucks ably meet the company's demand for high throughput performance and permanent availability. They also offer excellent ergonomics and low fuel consumption.

How to shift 373,000 tons

L.W. Cretschmar GmbH & Co. KG, which is based in Düsseldorf and operates throughout Europe, employs around 800 staff in Germany and Spain. In 2006, the company handled 357,000 shipments totalling 373,000 tons on the 8500 square metres of its Wuppertal logistics centre.

In selecting its industrial trucks, the company attributed the utmost importance to their permanent availability. "We have to uphold our delivery capability at all times and therefore require equipment with continuous availability", explains Alexander Christians, general and commercial manager at Cretschmar in Wuppertal. The long distances covered represent a further challenge for the trucks, which have to travel routes measuring up to 100 metres in the two halls. Indoor use meant that diesel trucks were not an option since these cannot be operated in enclosed spaces. Based on the company's demand for high throughput performance, the LPG trucks also required ergonomic workplaces.

Alexander Christians
General and commercial manager at Cretschmar

"We have to uphold our delivery capability at all times and therefore require equipment with continuous availability."

Fully equipped for tough conditions

For its transport requirements in the Wuppertal logistics centre, Cretshmar opted for our TFG 316 and TFG 425 LPG forklift trucks with 1600 and 2500 kilogramme capacity along with a full-service rental agreement. LPG was the clear choice since diesel trucks were not an option and the company would have required charging stations for three-phase AC trucks. The TFG 316 and TFG 425 LPG trucks are equipped with a hydrodynamic drive, which offers dynamic and efficient power transmission. They also ensure high throughput performance over the medium and long distances covered on-site. Another advantage is that the high-volume industrial motors deliver high torque at low speeds, thereby reducing fuel consumption and minimising noise levels.

For Cretschmar, permanent availability of the trucks is absolutely essential. As Alexander Christians explains: "In this regard, the new LPG forklift trucks have delivered 100 percent so far. The previous models already offered exceptionally high rates." The logistics service provider uses LPG trucks, with their characteristic smooth and gentle approach, to load and unload lorries, containers and swap bodies, as well as at block storage locations where the shipments are sorted by destination. The company also uses them to pick incoming consignments. Each of the LPG trucks features a mast with full free lift. This allows the operator to make full use of the available load space.

Based on the requirement for high throughput performance, the LPG trucks needed ergonomic workplaces. We met this demand by fitting them with comfort seats. The driver also benefits from the fact that the complete drive unit is freely suspended in the frame, meaning that no motor oscillations are transferred to the cockpit. The result is a very quiet, vibration-free workplace, where the back and knees are well protected. This in turn leads to fewer health-related absences.  "Another advantage is that the operating principle of the LPG trucks is equivalent to that of a passenger car, not least because the drivers frequently change over", states Joachim Walter, warehouse manager at the Wuppertal site.

30 years of excellent experience

The LPG truck fleet has passed every test with flying colours and Cretschmar has absolutely no concerns or criticisms. The company is delighted with both the performance and the availability of the forklift trucks, despite the tough conditions that they have to endure. Among other things, they are faced with dirt from rubber abrasion and gas soot, high heat and occasional sub-zero temperatures in winter. Yet the trucks cope admirably with everything that is thrown at them, even in the overlapping three-shift operation. "All this is in keeping with the excellent experience we have gained in 30 years of co-operation with Jungheinrich", praises Alexander Christians. "And not just in terms of quality and service but also with regard to support and reliability."

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