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Stage ERC 213a
  • 3,100 - 4,400 mm
  • 1,300 kg
  • Compact design for narrow aisle widths.
  • Efficient, process-reliable completion of routine tasks.
  • Optimised transport routes thanks to precise laser navigation.
  • Extensive safety systems for use in mixed operations.
  • Short payback period thanks to process optimisation.

ERC 213a

Our reliable and versatile ERCa is an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) intended for use with recurring transport tasks. Thanks to its compact design, the ERCa is the perfect choice to boost the efficiency of your transport processes in narrow spaces. A 2.8 kW 3-phase AC motor ensures constant power, while the automatically controlled high-performance lift motor ensures gentle, quiet lifting and lowering – even at high lift heights. At the same time, safety is enhanced by the sturdy construction with 8-mm steel frame and enclosed structure. Warehouse safety is also guaranteed by sophisticated safety systems such as the standard personal protection system which scans the ground in the drive direction for obstacles. The AGV moves aided by laser navigation with reflectors installed in the ground or using natural landmarks. The stacker truck is based on our tested standard truck and can be easily integrated into existing IT structures or used as a stand-alone system.


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