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Electric order picker/tri-lateral stacker 1.0 - 1.6t

  • 3000 - 14500 mm
  • 1000 - 1600 kg
  • Ergonomic operating concept
  • Truck positioning via RFID technology
  • Excellent performance data
  • Modular performance packages and assistance systems
  • Electric control panel adjustment

EKX 410/ 412/ 514/ 516k/ 516

Our EKX has been the industry benchmark for years.

The Series 4 with a 48-V synchronous drive is ideally suited for the medium lift segment, while the Series 5 – equipped with an 80-V synchronous drive – guarantees maximum performance with lift heights up to 17.5 metres.

The maintenance-free synchronous reluctance motors offer you completely new performance dimensions, and reduce the energy loss by up to a further 10%. Due to its low energy consumption, the EKX can operate for two shifts without a battery exchange, even in demanding applications. This enables the EKX to achieve greater throughput per hour and longer operating times.

In addition, the EKX 5 has the innovative vibration damping system. This offers more safety and performance – even on uneven surfaces.

The future-oriented RFID tracking increases flexibility and adapts travel speeds optimally to your warehouse topology. This makes the EKX a reliable partner for manual, semi-automated or fully automated applications. Our warehouseNAVIGATION also prevents stacking errors and increases throughput by up to 25%. The system is flexible and can be adapted to future requirements. With modular performance and assistance packages, the truck characteristics can be optimally adapted to a wide variety of applications at any time.

The new sideshiftPLUS system also gives you more options for handling different pallet sizes. The EKX has no problem handling different pallet sizes. The increase in basic rated capacity by up to 200 kg makes the EKX even more powerful than its predecessor.

The Series 5 EKX is also available as a fully automated truck.


Using our lithium-ion technology, you will easily outrun the competition: lasting performance, fast charging times and zero maintenance. Choose the full li-ion power with our 6-month satisfaction guarantee as well as our 5-year guarantee on your li-ion battery.


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Leading through

Lift your productivity to a new level.

Number one in narrow aisle warehouses: EKX, the new generation of high-rack stackers from Jungheinrich. Now you can take advantage of the latest technologies and intelligent solutions for maximum productivity.

Your advantages at a glance

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Experience the new EKX 

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More productivity in less space.

Thanks to our intelligent narrow-aisle warehouse solution.

Create more pallet locations requiring less space and benefit from lower costs per pallet location. We also offer competent support as your partner in planning system solutions.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Up to 30 percent more usable storage space compared to wide-aisle warehouses.
  • Significantly higher throughput performance than with counterbalanced trucks or reach trucks.
  • Lower costs per pallet location.
  • Comprehensive system solutions – we will be happy to advise you.

Content EKX Leistung

Better performance on uneven surfaces.

With patented vibration damping.

Don't let anything slow you down – not even the condition of your floor. Vibration damping by Jungheinrich makes this possible. This world first in the high-rack stacker market ensures more safety and better performance for the EKX series 5, even on uneven surfaces.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • More reliability and better driving characteristics on uneven surfaces.
  • Smoother ride thanks to less side sway.
  • Increased speed for more throughput performance.
  • Optionally retrofittable performance modules for the EKX series 5.

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More cost-effective operation.

Thanks to top energy efficiency.

Cut costs and extend your operating times – with the new EKX. Thanks to innovative synchronous reluctance motors and double energy recovery, you can cover two shifts with just one battery charge.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Higher throughput performance thanks to lift speed of up to 0.6 m/s and reaching speed of up to 0.5 m/s.
  • Intelligent lightweight construction boosts capacity by 100 kg.
  • Lowest consumption in its class thanks to the latest synchronous reluctance motor technology.
  • Two shifts without changing the battery thanks to efficient energy management.

Content EKX Unterstützung

More support for the operator.

Thanks to practical intelligence.

Moving more with less effort – that is the principle we perfected in the EKX. The innovative new operating concept creates an optimum workstation: Carefully considered details, smart assistance systems and thoroughly successful ergonomics ensure that the operator can concentrate on his work.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • The perfect workstation, oriented in every way to the operator's needs.
  • Optimum freedom of movement with the lowest entry in its class and individually adjustable controls.
  • Modular personal protection and collision avoidance system ensures safety, reliability and flexibility.
  • Innovative and intelligent assistance systems that can be selected and combined depending on the application to provide support for the operator.

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More efficiency for every task.

Thanks to intelligent navigation and system integration.

Any logistics system is only as good as the interaction of its elements. Our logistics interface ensures that the intelligent technology in the EKX works together optimally with your warehouse management system. That means every delivery process runs significantly faster with EKX warehouse navigation using RFID technology.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Smart assistance systems supporting navigation and operation – guaranteeing you enhanced safety and throughput performance.
  • Simple connection to existing warehouse management systems thanks to the Logistics Interface by Jungheinrich – for constant communication between the truck and the warehouse management system.
  • Precise tracking through RFID technology which also allows for manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic* mode.
  • Optimum speed at all times, automatically adjusted to the current surface conditions.

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More options for all requirements.

Thanks to maximum flexibility.

The best solution for you takes into account all the special features of your warehouse. That's why we developed our modular system to offer you a unique range of available configuration options. And if your situation changes, you can adapt your EKX at any time. That's maximum flexibility. Today and in the future.

More support for all your questions.

With comprehensive service.

Non-stop top performance: Thanks to our unique service competence. We combine speed with know-how. Whatever your need – commissioning, maintenance, repairs or a security check – Jungheinrich guarantees you premium services around the clock. We back that up with 60 years of experience.

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Model Overview

Load Capacity
Lift (h3)
EKX 4101000 kg8500 mm10,5 km/h 3665 mm48 V
EKX 4121200 kg8500 mm10,5 km/h 3665 mm48 V
EKX 5141400 kg14500 mm10,5 km/h 3665 mm80 V
EKX 516k1600 kg14500 mm12 km/h3775 mm80 V
EKX 5161600 kg14500 mm12 km/h4045 mm80 V

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